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Event management, Conference and Event WordPress Theme – Ayojok (Events)

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Ayojok – Events and Conference WordPress Theme is a clean and modern, vibrant and energetic, elegant and flexible theme. Ayojok boasts a purpose-oriented design and special features, such as appointment forms, services, event plans, schedules, pricing plans and others. This captivating WP Theme is perfect for seamless execution of events, as well conference, meeting, seminar, trade expos, business meet up, financial improvement of company, concert, and travel-related events.

Online Documentation

Main features:

<h2 id="item-description__theme-options">Theme Options</h2> 

<h2 id="item-description__header-setting">Header Setting</h2>
    <li>Different header styles</li>
    <li>Full width header: Yes/No</li>
    <li>Transparent header: Yes/No</li>
    <li>Sticky Header: Yes/No </li>
    <li>Logo Position [Left, Center, Right, Left Top, Center Top, Right Top]</li>
    <li>Background Options</li>
    <li>Top Bar
            <li>Top Bar Left
                    <li>Social Icon</li>
                    <li>Left Menu</li>
                    <li>Contact Info</li>
                    <li>Leave Empty</li>
            <li>Top Bar Right
                    <li>Social Icon</li>
                    <li>Left Menu</li>
                    <li>Contact Info</li>
                    <li>Leave Empty</li>
    <li>Page Title Customization
            <li>Page Title: Show/Hide</li>
            <li>Show Page Title: ON/OFF</li>
            <li>Background Image/color setting</li>
            <li>Overlay Opacity</li>
            <li>Spacing – Top, Bottom</li> 
            <li>Spacing on Mobile – Top, Bottom</li> 
            <li>Font Settings</li> 
            <li>Text Alignment</li> 
            <li>Full Width Page Title: ON/OFF</li> 
    <li> Breadcrumb Customization
            <li>Show Breadcrumb Content: None/Breadcrumbs/Search Box</li>
            <li>Breadcrumb on Mobile Devices: ON/OFF</li>
            <li>Breadcrumb Separator</li>
            <li>Font Size</li>
            <li>Hover Color</li>
            <li>Show Post Categories on Breadcrumb: ON/OFF</li>

<h2 id="item-description__footer-setting">Footer Setting</h2>
    <li>Show Footer Widgets Area: ON/OFF</li>
    <li>Number of Footer Columns: One Column/Two Column/Three Column/Four Column</li>
    <li>Background options</li>
    <li>Overlay Color</li>
    <li>Overlay Opacity</li>
    <li>Padding: Top, Bottom</li>
    <li>Footer Full Width: ON/OFF</li>

<h2 id="item-description__other-options">Other options</h2>
            <li>Primary menu</li>
            <li>Dropdown menu</li>
            <li>Sticky Menu</li>
            <li>Mobile Menu</li>
    <li>Logo: Text/Image</li>
    <li>Single Blog</li>
    <li>404 Page</li>
    <li>Scroll To Top Button</li>
    <li>Theme Layout</li>
    <li>Site Width</li>
    <li>Page Content Padding</li>
    <li>Body Background Options</li>

<h2 id="item-description__features-list">Features List</h2>
    <li>Fully Responsive Layout </li>
    <li>Event Management System
            <li>Event Listing</li>
            <li>Event Filtering</li>
            <li>Event Schedule</li>
            <li>Event Time Remaining</li>
            <li>Event Tickets</li>
            <li>Event Submit</li>
            <li>Event Location</li>
            <li>Event Speaker</li>
            <li>Speaker Listing</li>
            <li>Speaker Special</li>
            <li>Speaker Events</li>
            <li>Popular Events</li>
            <li>Recent Events</li>
            <li>Event Host</li>
            <li>Event Pricing</li>
            <li>Event Booking</li>
    <li>SEO friendly</li>
    <li>Mobile Friendly Layout</li>
    <li>Fully Responsive</li>
    <li>Header Customization</li>
    <li>Logo Customization</li>
    <li>Menu Customization</li>
    <li>Buttons Customization</li>
    <li>Google Fonts</li>
    <li>Built for WordPress </li>
    <li>Preset Page Layout</li>
    <li>Added Video </li>
    <li>Unlimited Colors Customization</li>
    <li>Crossbrowser Compatible</li>
    <li>Smooth Scroll</li>
    <li>Mobile Browsers Compatible</li>
    <li>Font Awesome Icon</li>
    <li>W3C Valid HTML Code</li>
    <li>Reliable support</li>
    <li>Contact Form 7</li>
    <li>Easy To Use</li>
    <li>No coding knowledge required</li>
    <li>Very easy page building</li>
    <li>Easily create defferent Home or other page </li>
    <li>Flexible easy-to-use page options</li>
    <li>Very detailed online documentation</li>
    <li>Create stunning website without touching a line of code</li>
    <li>Fully Customizable</li>
    <li>Powerful theme Page Builder</li>
    <li>Unlimited colors for design &amp; content elements</li>
    <li>Responsive visibility options</li>
    <li>Optimized for Contact Form 7</li>
    <li>Valid HTML5, CSS3</li>
    <li>Neat, clean and simple design</li>
    <li>Creative and Modern Design</li>
    <li>Theme Layout [Full Width, Boxed]</li>
    <li>Faster drag and drop page builder</li>
    <li>Built Based on King Composer</li>
    <li>40+ KingComposer addons</li>
    <li>Built In Elements</li>
    <li>Woocommerce Support</li>

<h2 id="item-description__custom-style-google-map-setting">Custom Style Google Map Setting</h2>
    <li>Google Maps API Key</li>
    <li>Google Maps Latitude &amp; Longitude</li>
    <li>Map Height</li>
    <li>Disable Wheel Zoom: YES/NO</li>
    <li>Map Marker</li>
    <li>Map Style</li>
    <li>Show Overlap Contact Form: YES/NO</li>
    <li>Contact Form Title</li>
    <li>Contact Form Shortcode</li>
    <li>Contact Form All Content style With Responsive</li>
    <li>Custom css class for css Customization</li>

<h2 id="item-description__included-pages">Included Pages</h2> 
    <li>Home version 1</li>
    <li>Home version 2</li>
    <li>Home version 3</li>
    <li>Home version 4</li>
    <li>Event Schedule</li> 
    <li>Event Details</li> 
    <li>Event Booking</li> 
    <li>Event Submit</li> 
    <li>Event List</li> 
    <li>About Us</li> 
    <li>Speakers Profile</li> 
            <li>Elements Skill</li>
            <li>Elements Accordion &amp;&amp; Tab</li>
            <li>Elements Pagination</li>
            <li>Elements Button</li>
            <li>Elements Tooltip</li>
            <li>Elements Form</li>
            <li>Elements List</li>
            <li>Elements Alert</li>
    <li>Blog left sidebar</li> 
    <li>Blog right sidebar</li> 
    <li>Blog details</li>
            <li>Shop Full Width</li>
            <li>Shop Left Sidebar</li>
            <li>Shop Right Sidebar</li>
            <li>Shop Details Full Width</li>
            <li>Shop Details Right Sidebar</li>
            <li>Shop Details Left Sidebar</li>
    <li>Check Out</li>
    <li>My Account</li>

Images are not included

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

update logs

Version: 1.1.0--Date: 18-07-2018

1. Fixed     : All Color issue fixed.
2. Added     : Theme options have added some more customized options

Version: 1.0.1 -Date: 14-07-2018

1. Updated   : WordPress Update 4.9.7
2. Updated   : Update demo importer.
3. Fixed     : Cart page css fixed.
4. Fixed     : Header top button fixed.


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