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Benaa – Real Estate WordPress Theme (Real Estate)

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<b>BENAA</b> offers purpose oriented design with all the useful features a real estate website needs. With BENAA, the admin can manages all properties and users on the backend, uses options to allow users submit their properties for free or a fee based on packages. On frontend side, users have fully features: add new propery, user profile management, save searched, compare property, add to favorite, etc. 
<h3 id="item-description__experience-demo-as-user">Experience demo as user:</h3>

    Frontend:<br />
    <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> =&gt; demo / demo<br />
    <br />
    Backend:<br />
    <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> =&gt; agency / agency <br />

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<h3 id="item-description__owner-plugins"><a href="" rel="nofollow"><b>Powerful Real Estate Plugin</b></a></h3>
<strong>ESSENTIAL REAL ESTATE</strong> plugin is supported global payment, build market, single, list propery, single agent etc. This plugin offers completely all features, easy customize, override layout and the developers always hear feedbacks from users to update new dynamic functions that help you can build any kind of Real Estate website. FREE plugins but already all PREMIUM FEATURES.<br /><br />    
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<h3 id="item-description__6-demos"><a href=";list=PL_DzVbdOfv7E6NjdFN9nUik4sMskY1M-z" rel="nofollow">Easy to Get Started</a></h3>
<p>We already build <b>9 Pre-homepage demos</b> are available to get you started in seconds. Build website within a seconds as easily as never before. Import whole demo content, and set up your web site to look just like any of our demo examples in <b>One Click Install Demo Data</b>.
<h3 id="item-description__fully-responsive">Fully Responsive</h3>
<p>BENAA is Fully Responsive Design, ensure smooth user experience on all platforms, so rest assured your site will look awesome on desktop, mobile &amp; phone.
<h3 id="item-description__included-premium-plugins">Included Premium Plugins</h3>
BENAA includes poweful page builder plugin – <b>Visual Composer</b> ($45 value for free), with ERE shortcode and BENAA shortcode built-in gives you total layout control over pages &amp; posts.

<h3 id="item-description__supported-3-payments-method">Supported 3 payments method</h3>
Already integrate: PAYPAL, STRIPE, WIRE TRANSFER for payment. BENAA have more type for payment: free, pay for package, pay per submission and user can define as their own. Overview video:

</p><h3 id="item-description__management-system-via-frontend-for-users-and-via-backend-for-admin">Management System via frontend (for users) and via backend (for admin)</h3>
<p>BENAA has powerful Front End Listing Submission &amp; Management System, allow users to favorite, submit, manage and edit their listings directly from the frontend with payment support. It provides your agents and clients with an easy way to manage their profile, properties for sale and other settings.<br />

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