Membership sites have been around for some time. It is a trend that keeps on growing. Membership sites are a set of pages with content that require a login for access. It can be a one-time or lifelong subscription. It allows you to customize the experiences you provide to your user.

Do you want to build a membership site in WordPress?
Want to know which membership plugin would suit the best?

You are at the right place!

Picking an ideal membership plugin is crucial because it aids in growth and overall creates a platform worth visiting. There are various membership plugins out there but you have to choose them based on your requirements.

How does a membership plugin help?

  1. It helps you to create email lists – to send coupons and updates to your users
  2. Facilitates sharing free content
  3. Allows you to charge your customers for premium and protected content

What are the basic features of a good membership plugin?

  1. Easy to use – plugins should be simple and effective
  2. Compatible with your WordPress site
  3. Relevant designs and other features

In this article, we will explore the different available plugins and browse through their features.

1. LearnDash:

WordPress Membership Plugins
LearnDash- WordPress Membership Plugins

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin and is highly easy to use. The integrations provided by it make it a highly sought membership plugin. It provides you with advanced tools, has an easy setup, allows content restrictions, facilitates the creation and sale of courses and so much more. With its built-in community features, you can create user badges, quizzes, profiles and certificates.

We recommend LearnDash if you are looking to sell your courses online on your membership website.

While you are here, check out our other Learning Management System plugins here.

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2. MemberPress:

WordPress Membership Plugins
WordPress Membership Plugins

It is one of the most popular and one of the easiest to use plugins in the market. Setting it up is simple and it provides you with robust access control. The content dripping feature is useful for your online courses. It has a built-in support payment gateway. You can create unlimited membership levels as per your preferences on MemberPress. It also gives you a detailed report to help you understand how your overall site is performing!

If you are a beginner, MemberPress is the plugin for you!

3. s2Member:

WordPress Membership Plugins
WordPress Membership Plugins

s2Member provides you with a variety of useful features to make your site appealing. It allows you to custom post types, restrict content and specific URL fragments. It provides you with tools such as email templates, custom welcome pages and login and IP restrictions. The plugin also allows you to protect your downloadable files and audios / videos. It provides the user with an extensive knowledge base.

With this, you treat yourself to a well-designed system.

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4. Teachable:


Create and publish your online courses with Teachable. It provides you with an editor that makes it extremely simple to create pages and start selling. You can issue certificates, create quizzes for your students, host discussions and engage with your users at all times. Not only that, but it also allows you to create coupon codes, affiliation programs and makes integration straightforward and trouble-free.

Teachable is all-inclusive – pack your membership website, LMS, forums, analytics and email marketing under this one-of-a-kind plugin.

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5. Restrict Content Pro:


The team that built Easy Digital Downloads presents you with a plugin for all your needs – Restrict Content Pro! This plugin offers you notes to guide you. New and fantastic features are continually updated on Restrict Content Pro and it makes the whole experience smooth. It offers you with different membership levels, content dripping, unlimited subscription packages, membership emails and customer dashboard for their information and profiles. It also has built-in integrations. The support provided by the plugin is exemplary.

You cannot go wrong with this one!

6. MemberMouse:


If you don’t speak the language of technology, MemberMouse is here to rescue you. You can create membership levels and bundles with this plugin. It also allows integration with payment gateways and email marketing providers for an enhanced experience. Sell your products, protect your content, manage members and maximize your revenue with MemberMouse!

Get MemberMouse today if you are looking for a full-featured solution for your membership website.

7. Wishlist Member Plugin:

WordPress Membership Plugins

Wishlist Member Plugin gives you a lot of control on the kind of content your website publishes. Create unlimited membership plugins, hide or restrict content from non-members, integrate with payment gateways, handle free and paid memberships, secure RSS feeds and do so much more with this special plugin. You also get a great deal of support material such as video tutorials, guides and unlimited support for a year!

In short, it has everything you might need for your online membership site.

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8. Paid Member Subscriptions:

WordPress Membership Plugins
WordPress Membership Plugins

This is yet another plugin that we would highly recommend for your membership site. Think of Amazon Prime when you think of Paid Member Subscriptions. This plugin integrates with your existing WordPress site without any hassle. Setting up your membership site with this is easy. It allows you to create and manage subscriptions, grant and revoke access and make custom posts. Now you can manage your subscribers, payment, content and account so much better!

Check it out here.


Well, there you go! Now that you know the features of various WordPress plugins, you can make an informed decision. Add them to your website and make your website captivating. Let us know which one you use!


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