Do you wish to give your users an excellent search experience? Well, WordPress provides you with a number of plugins using which you will be able to add a search box to your WordPress website. These plugins are extremely versatile and are capable of giving search results extremely fast.

So, here we are with some of the best WordPress Search Box Plugins of 2020:

  1. Ajax Search Lite
  2. Advanced Woo Search
  3. ACF: Better Search
  4. Ivory Search
  5. Swiftype Site Search
  6. Better Search
  7. Relevanssi
  8. SearchWP
  9. Ajax Search Pro
  10. Reactive Search Pro

#1 Ajax Search Lite

Search Box PluginsAjax Search Lite is a highly responsive WordPress search plugin for your website. It allows you to add search forms to your WordPress website. The plugin provides you with a highly powerful interface. It also allows you to add smooth animations to your website. Ajax Search Lite is user-friendly and also comes with user support.

The visitors will be able to search through the pages, posts, custom post type, categories, descriptions, etc. The plugin also lets you add custom filter boxes to your website. It is retina ready and is also extremely. Ajax Search Lite is compatible with Qtranslate and WPML. It also has a number of built-in templates available.

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#2 Advanced Woo Search

Search Box PluginsAdvanced Woo Search is one such WordPress plugin which is specially designed for E-Commerce portals. It is basically an extension of the WooCommerce plugin and will allow the users to easily search through the products of your website. Advanced Woo Search has loads of amazing features. 

You can also search the products by their categories, tags, products, etc. The product image will also be displayed along with the price to make things more clear. The smart ordering option displays the products based on their popularity. Advanced Woo Search is compatible with other popular plugins like WPML.

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#3 ACF: Better Search

Search Box PluginsACF: Better Search is an excellent WordPress search plugin which can give your WordPress users excellent search experience. The plugin will only work if your website has Advanced Custom Fields activated. Your user will also be able to make the most out of the default WordPress search.

ACF: Better Search lets you search by number, text, text area, etc. The lite mode can also be enabled. The plugin is both simple as well as very lightweight. It gives accurate search results. 10 different field types are supported. ACF: Better Search gives extremely fast search results.

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#4 Ivory Search

Search Box PluginsIvory Search is another versatile WordPress search plugin for your WordPress website. The plugin is user-friendly and comes with loads of advanced features. You will be able to design your own custom search form. You can create as many search firms as you wish to. The custom search forms can be displayed anywhere on your WordPress website.

You will be able to search through the content, custom fields, metadata, taxonomy terms, etc. You will also be able to see whether particular content is password protected or not. Ivory Search also supports multilingual search and is compatible with plugins like bbPress and WooCommerce.

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#5 Swiftype Site Search

Search Box PluginsSwiftype Site Search is an extremely sophisticated WordPress plugin which is highly customisable. No technical knowledge is required in order to work with this plugin. It will give you extremely fast search results. You will also be provided with a dashboard from where you can customise your search options. The plugin is both engaging as well as easy to use.

Swiftype Site Search also comes with the automatic update feature. Some of the most useful features include phrase matching stemming, etc. You will also be provided with a very powerful search analytics tool. It supports searches in 13 different languages. 

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#6 Better Search

better searchBetter Search is a completely free WordPress search plugin. It has an excellent search speed and provides your users with relevant answers to their questions. The users will easily be able to search through the pages and posts of your website. You can customise the output as per your choice.

 Better Search has a lot of advanced features as well. You will be able to customise the plugin using your own CSS styles. It also supports various cach3 plugins like W3 Total Cache. The plugin is translation ready.

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#7 Relevanssi

RelevanssiRelevanssi is a highly customisable search engine for WordPress users. It is very powerful and allows phrase searching and fuzzy matching. You will also be able to look through the titles and comments. The plugin is extremely easy to use and gives your users a highly engaging experience. 

Relevanssi is also compatible with popular plugins like bbPress and WPML. You will be able to give your users very fast search results. You will easily be able to place your search box by using a widget or a shortcode.

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#8 SearchWP

search Wp

SearchWP is one of the best WordPress plugins available to us. It is a premium WordPress plugin. The plugin is quite easy to set up and it does not require any additional configuration. The visitors will be able to search through every nook and corner of your website. This includes custom field types, posts, pages as well as E-Commerce products.

SearchWP will also provide you with a huge range of customisation options. The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular plugins like bbPress, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It also enables keywords stemming.

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#9 Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro is a highly versatile and customisable WordPress cache plugin. It has over 60 customisation themes available. The plugin also integrates with Google Analytics. Different content types are supported. Apart from these, other features are also available.

Ajax Search Pro enables automatic updates and provides such statistics for search results. The plugin also runs on all popular web browsers. It is quite suitable for beginners as well as advanced developers.

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#10 Reactive Search Pro

Reactive Search ProReactive Search Pro gives your users a mind-blowing searching experience. It has over 15 search attributes available. The map autocomplete feature is also included. The plugin is compatible with WPML, WooCommerce, etc. The powerful drag and drop builder tool is included.

You will also be provided with in-depth documentation. You can search through every post type, metadata or taxonomy. Reactive Search Pro is also translation ready and comes with Google Map integration.

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So, these were some of the best plugins of 2020. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Do let us know which of these plugins you are going to install for your WordPress website.

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