WordPress themes allow you to give an appealing look to your blog. Thousands of such WordPress themes are available using which you will be able to present your blogs before your audience in an excellent way. A child theme is one such theme which is capable of inheriting the functionalities of another theme. Using these themes, you will be able to keep your parent theme intact while you make changes to the child theme. Also, you will no longer have to design your website from scratch. Child themes are a great way of customizing WordPress themes.

Here we bring before you some of the best WordPress Child Theme Plugins of 2020:

#1. Child Theme X

child theme X

Child Theme X allows you to create a child theme directly from the top menu. The plugin displayed before you the list of all available WordPress theme so that you can generate a child theme of any of those themes. The child theme inherits all the basic functions of the parent theme. However, the child theme will not update directly.

Child Theme X provides you with two different access buttons. The Custom Child button lets you open a form for creating the child theme while the Change button lets you see the changes that you have made to the child theme.

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#2. Child Theme Configurator

Child Theme Generator

Child Theme Configurator is a free WordPress Child Theme. It is one of the most popular child theme plugins available to us. Child Theme Configurator indexes all your stylesheets so that you get all your CSS media at your fingertips. You will be able to see all the customizations before you implement them in the child theme. 

Child Theme Configurator allows you to save all your works without losing any of your edits. Unlimited child themes can be created from a particular parent theme.

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#3. Child Theme Creator By Orbisius


Child Theme Creator allows you to create a child theme from any of the themes that you are using for your blogs. The plugin is extremely easy to use and has over 20,000 active installs. A child theme can be created in a very short while. However, in order to use this plugin, your WordPress version should be 3.4 or higher.

You will be able to edit the theme files from the Appearance option. Two editors will be provided to you. You can easily pick the snippets from one theme and paste it into another theme.

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#4. Child Theme Generator

Child Theme Generator

The Child Theme Generator lets you create a child theme from a parent theme by adding a Theme option. The plugin can be used for free. You will be able to create the child theme quite easily. All the features and functions of the parent theme are inherited by the child theme. Lengthy child themes can also be created easily.

The Child Theme Generator has over 70,000 active installs from all across the world. Different types of buttons can be added to the theme page of your website. You need not even have to overwrite the parent theme files. Currently, the plugin is available in English, Danish and Italian.

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#5. Child Theme Check

Child Theme checkThe Child Theme Check plugin is useful for WordPress users who are using child themes. The plugin is available for free. It informs the users about outdated template files. You will also get to see the differences between the parent theme template and the child theme template.

You will be able to keep track of all the changes that you make on your theme. The plugin requires you to have a WordPress 3.4 or higher installed on your system.

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#6. Child Theme Wizard

wizard theme

Child Theme Wizard allows you to create a new child theme without the use of any kind of additional tools. The child theme can be created from the WordPress admin interface itself. You will be able to customize the child theme as per your choice. You can include GPL License Terms if you want to.

Child Theme Wizard also allows you to create Thumbnails. An image uploader option will adobe available in the future versions of the plugin.

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#7. Childify Me

childify me

Childify Me is another very popular WordPress Child Theme plugin. The plugin allows you to create a child theme from a parent theme by using the WordPress Theme Customizer. Childify Me is also capable of handling FTP credential requests. It can also generate screenshots of the child theme.

The child theme’s author will be directly created from the User Name and Last Name. Childify-Me is available in Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Dutch. 

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#8. Easy Child Theme Creator

easy theme creator

The Easy Child Theme Creator plugin will give the power to the admin to create a child theme from a parent theme.  It is a very popular WordPress plugin and works with almost all popular WordPress themes. The child themes can be created with just a single click of the mouse. The plugin can only function on WordPress versions 3.3.1 or higher.

The Easy Child Theme Creator plugin allows you to configure the theme name. You will also be able to configure the Author. The plugin currently works in English only. In future, it will also support the multilingual feature.

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So, these were the best WordPress child theme plugins of 2020. Use these plugins to generate the perfect child theme from your existing WordPress theme.

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