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Self-Hosted Google Fonts Pro (Utilities)

Automatically Host Google Fonts on Your Server

No CSS to edit. No fonts to download and upload. No changes to your themes or plugins. Hassle-free conversion for all themes and plugins. *

<li>For all well-coded themes and plugins.</li>

You can turn on/off the following:
  • Process Font Enqueues ( tags).
  • Process Fonts in theme/plugin’s CSS Files.
  • Process Fonts in Inline CSS.
  • Process Javascript WebFont Loader (by Google).

Performance: Font-Display Behavior

Browsers have invisible text until your font is downloaded which is bad usability, and Google doesn’t let you control that. We have a unique feature for modern browsers that can use a fallback font immediately. No more invisible text.

Performance: Preload A Font

Preload is a modern browsers feature that can load your critical font as early as possible.

Language Subsets with More Control

Automatically handle the subsets defined by the theme/plugins but with more control.

BONUS: Ability to force language subsets. Great feature if your theme or plugin doesn’t allow this.

Premium Support

Need help? We have a dedicated support forums to assist you in any way we can.

Several More Features:

                <li><strong>Unicode-Range</strong>: A font feature that will only load the font if that language subset is ever used on the page.</li>
                <li><strong>Verify It Works</strong>: A built-in feature to verify if the plugin is doing its job.</li>
                <li>Process &amp; convert Google Fonts via Inline CSS, @import in local CSS files, JS WebFont Loader.</li>
                <li>Compatible with most Cache Plugins (W3TC and WP Super Cache tested).</li>
                <li>Compatible with Autoptimize plugin’s CSS minification.</li>
                <li>Browser Support for IE9+ and all Modern Browser.</li>

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