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WooCommerce Private Store Plugin | Shop for Registered User Only (WooCommerce)

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Force your store visitors to login / register in order to access your online shop. Block access to complete store or selective products, categories or CMS pages. B2B solution for your store to avoid unnecessary people from viewing your product catalog unless they are loggedin.

WooCommerce Private Shop plugin does not effect your Google rankings as it allows the Google bot to crawl the site just like before and rank it higher in search engines. However, if required you can also block Google crawler to view your website content and rank it in Google search results.

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin uses the default WooCommerce login / registration form.

<strong><h2 id="item-description__features-list-of-woocommerce-private-shop-plugin">Features List of WooCommerce Private Shop Plugin</h2></strong>

  • Force Login to view your specific products, categories or whole shop
  • Enable / Disable new user registrations
  • Customize form opacity & show a background image on Login Page
  • Allow/Disallow Google to crawl & rank your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Will People Find My Store?

The plugin gives you an option to allow Google bots to crawl and rank your website. This will help to bring visitors to your website. Also, you can choose to unhide some pages to let users find your store and know what you are offering.

Can I Disable New Users?

Yes, you can disable new users registration so only the existing users can login and access your store.

Can Hide Specific Products or Categories only from unregistered users?

Yes, this plugin gives you can option to force login to see specific products, categories or whole shop.

Can I Have Public & Private Area in Store?

Yes, unlike other plugins from the market, this plugin allows you to privatize the specific products and categories.

Will My Products Be Hidden From Search Engines?

There is an option in the plugin you can either hide private content from google or allow to crawl and rank. This feature is not available in any other plugin in the market


<strong><h4 id="item-description__login-amp-registration-form-displayed-to-non-logged-users">Login &amp; Registration Form Displayed To Non-Logged Users:</h4></strong>

<pre><code>WooCommerce Force Login</code></pre>

<strong><h4 id="item-description__general-setting-to-show-background-image-set-form-opacity-or-enable-disable-new">General Setting to Show Background Image, Set Form Opacity or Enable/Disable New Registrations</h4></strong>

<pre><code>WooCommerce Private Store Plugin</code></pre>

<strong><h4 id="item-description__hide-specific-categories-products-or-whole-store">Hide Specific Categories, Products or Whole Store</h4></strong>

<pre><code>WooCommerce Private Categories, Products</code></pre>

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