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WooCommerce Customer Documents Verification On Order (WooCommerce)

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  User verification Plugin     aims to verify user’s documents. ​Personal documents are needed before shipping and user need to send these data for verification before proceeding with documents. ​ User is verified once his documents are approved.​ ​  


  Easy and Automated way to ask users for verification documents so it can be managed easily by user.   


  Developing the listed basic features through WordPress plugin that works with Woo-commerce.  

Plugin Details

  Plugin consists of: Backend to manage Do​cuments, settings and front end to upload document.   

Backend – Manage Documents

All Documents

Setup 1.

You can manage all documentation and display list of users documents. Admin can approve and reject documents.

<img src="" alt="" />

Edit Documents (Approve, Disapprove):

Setup 2.

 Admin can approve documents and reject. 

Manage Rejection Reasons

  You can manage Rejection Reasons and save many reason to assign rejected documentation.   

<img src="" alt="" /> 

Email Settings

  In this section, there are six email template and easy to manage from admin side. <br />
 each email template for user, admin can customize the message and be passing the HTML layout   As it is like.  

Messages Settings

  • admin can change each attention message given below
  • admin can change the order status when user documentation is approved
  • admin can change the order status when user documentation rejected
<p><img src="" alt="" />

Front-end Upload document

Before upload documentation:

  User check out his order he is redirected to order page with the section to upload his document<br />

  After submitting User Verification Files:   

 <img src="" alt="" />  

 User Attention message:   

 When the user is uploaded, it causes an attention message to be seen, and the user wait till the approved of the admin.  

 <img src="" alt="" />  

This Plugin Support these format:


  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • MOV (Apple QuickTime Movie)
  • MP4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group 4)
  • Audio  
  • MP3


  • .DOC and DOCX
  • .HTML and .HTM
  • .ODT
  • .PDF
  • .XLS and XLSX
  • .ODS
  • .PPT and .PPTX
  • .TXT

Image file type

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • RAW
  • PSD

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