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Business Intelligence Add-on for Advanced WooCommerce Reporting (WooCommerce)

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    <h4 id="item-description__business-intelligence-reports-for-advanced-woocommerce-reporting-system-plugin">Business Intelligence Reports for Advanced WooCommerce Reporting System Plugin</h4>

        You know the analytics tools are either too complex, superficial or just don’t work.
        <br />
        You need a solid analytics software that shows meaningful analysis of your business. Something that runs on autopilot, grows your business and gives you control. Something that makes you win.
        <br />
        By this plugin you can get the Comprehensive reporting on sales, products and customers, In other mean Enhanced customer profiles, RFM segmentation, products leaderboard, goal tracking.
        <br />
        You make better decisions now because this plugin gives you visibility and certainty.
        <br />
        By this plugin you can focus on important business activities like marketing, better customer service, etc.

    <h2 id="item-description__key-features">Key Features</h2>
        <li><strong>Clean Design</strong></li>

        <li><strong>Responsive Layout – Latest version of Bootstrap</strong></li>

        <li><strong>Compatible with Advanced WooCommerce Reporting v4.0</strong></li>

        <li><strong>Sales Heatmap : Display sales amount in multiple colors </strong></li>

        <li><strong>Analytic the products sales</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Display top 20% products, Best first purchase and highest refunded products</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Display product rank and compare with last x days</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Sales history of products</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Products buyers</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Analytic the customers purchase</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Customers RFM analysis</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Calculate Average Order Value (AOV)</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Calculate Purchase Frequency (PF)</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Calculate Time Between Purchases (TBP)</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Calculate Customer Value (CV)</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Calculate top 20% customers</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Categorise customers in 11 different segments and decide to do business task for each segment</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Display all of purchased products by customer</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Display all of customers activities</strong></li>


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