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A.I. Spinner – Rewrites article with Artificial Intelligence (SEO)

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Rewrites articles with Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Spinner is the tool that <strong>rewrites text with alternative sentences</strong> through machine learning.

We basically scan our database to find grammerly similar sentences and check that if they both have same grammer structure. If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.

We use Google’s Natural Language Processing API to match sentences. Please visit API docs for more information.

Main Features

  • Auto-spinner feature (It works perfect with auto-pilot RSS plugins, it automatically spins posts when they publish by an auto-pilot plugin)
  • Filtering categories
  • Manual spin feature for old posts
  • Only spin title, content or slug options
  • Filtering post types
  • Manual spin feature
  • Revert already spun post to original version
  • Cloud API service for spinning
  • Continuously trained service

An Example From Plugin

Original Content :

Generated Content by A.I. :

{We'll be adding some} new stuff to make it even more awesome, if you have any idea please let us know. If you have any ideas, please let us know and {we'll add something} new to make it even more enjoyable.

As you can see, it’s not only replace the words, it also move and remove some from sentence and generates totally unique content.

See demo and documentations :

Web Demo :
Video Demo : Watch demo video on Youtube

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Create unique content from any text

  We focused to solve usual spinner’s problem and trained
a neural network to generate totally new and unique content.
We use Google’s NMT technique to generate
alternative sentences.

Language processing is the key

  We basically scan our database to find grammerly similar
sentences and check that if they both have same grammer structure.
If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.

Powerful WordPress Plugin

  The plugin has automatic spin, exclude and include categories,
spinning some spesific sections like only title or content features.
It’s very powerful and it fits for almost
all purposes on WordPress.
<p>Supported Languages : <strong>English</strong>

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Should i pay more after Envato purchase?

No. You don’t have to pay more after Envato purchase for base service. Our base service will be available forever for Envato buyers without any additional fees. Please note that base service 20 request limit per day.

Normally 20 request limit per day is enough. But if you need more request, you could buy it on additional request page.

I don’t have WordPress page but I want to use the service?

Please go to Login page after your Envato purchase, login page will redirect to you an editor page with rich text editor. You could spin your texts with lots of features.

Can you send a demo?

Yes, we can. Please send an email for demo request, we’ll send you plugin file and access token for service.

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Visit our support page for more detail :

If you need more detailed test, please contact with us on support email, we’ll provide you a link to test longer texts.

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Last Update : 27/05/2018 – v1.0.7

    Plugin Release v1.0.7

  • Manual spin bugs fixed.
  • HTML code issue fixed.
  • Added a section called “Auto-Spin Queue”, you can see scheduled posts on this section.
    Plugin Release v1.0.6

  • Level option added settings panel, it makes post more or less similar to original text.
  • Exclude word feature added, you could exclude some words from process with brackets. It should be like that : “Other part. {{This part of this will be excluded from process.}} Other part.”
    Plugin Release v1.0.1

  • New version uploaded to Envato
  • Version tested with RSS auto-pilot, issues fixed
  • API Service v1.0.1

  • Envato validator issues fixed
  • API Service v1.0.0

  • Google Natural Language connections.
  • New data set trained
  • NMT base issues fixed
  • Purchase service issues fixed
  • Envato validator added
  • Access token generator released
  • Split problems fixed for HTML codes
  • Web Site Release v1.0.1

  • Newsletter form added
  • Change log added
  • Initial Plugin Release v1.0.0

  • Plugin’s settings page designed.
  • Manual post spin buttons and revert added.
  • Category filter and post type filter added.
  • API connections fixed
  • Access token validator fixed
  • Error fallback messages checked


  • Service provides 20 request per day for an access token
  • It has 2000 character limit per request
  • If you need more request per day, you could buy it on additional additional request page
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