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WooCommerce Registration Plugin, Enable Default WooCommerce Fields (WooCommerce)

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Enable Default Woocommerce Registration fields like First name, Last name, Company, Phone, Country, State, Address, City & Postal Code. No Need to use any plugin to add them as custom fields when you have default WooCommerce registration fields. This plugin just unleash those default fields at your Back office and let you choose which fields you want to enable / disable.

<strong><h2 id="item-description__features-of-woocommerce-registration-fields-plugin">Features of WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin</h2></strong>

  • Enable All Default Registration Fields
  • Let Admin to Enable Specific Fields Only
  • Manage Fields From One Page
<p><strong><h2 id="item-description__woocommerce-registration-fields-options">WooCommerce Registration Fields Options:</h2></strong>

  • Customize Field Label
  • Enter Place holder text
  • Make field optional of mandatory
  • Set the fields sorting order
  • Show field on full or half width
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<strong><h2 id="item-description__woocommerce-registration-page-with-extra-fields">WooCommerce Registration Page With Extra Fields:</h2></strong>

Take look of this complete registration page. You can enable only the fields that you require.

<strong><h2 id="item-description__available-default-woocommerce-registration-fields">Available Default WooCommerce Registration Fields</h2></strong>

<img src="" alt="" />

<strong>Please Note: </strong> This plugin does not add any new custom registration fields, it only enables WooCommerce registration fields which are hidden by default.

<strong>If you need to add any new custom field in Registration form, feel free to contact us</strong>

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