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WooCommerce Affiliates Coupon (WooCommerce)

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WooCommerce Affiliates Coupon

A perfect incentive to get more sales!
Get more from your loyal customers than just having them purchase products! Engage them in the growth of your sales and give them every reason to do that.
In the end, it’s a win win solution for every one (store owner, affiliate and buyer).

How the plugin works

A shiny form on the page to create coupons in the my account page of users. Users are able to create coupons, that they can give to others to use on your store. They earn a commission(percentage commission is set in the admin) for every of their coupon that is used.Affiliates win
Buyers are motivated to purchase products or even more quantities when they have coupon codes. Buyers win
Store owners make tones of sales and traffic from coupon being distributed and used.Store owners win

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