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WPIF – WordPress Plugin For Creating Conditional Actions (Events triggered) (Utilities)

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WPIF for WordPress is a plugin that allows users to trigger actions on predefined conditions or events.

With this extension users can <strong>extend</strong> WordPress and/or <strong>theme’s features</strong> with a very<strong> simple gui</strong>. <strong>WPIF</strong> is simple, fast and codeless! No matter if you are an advanced developer or a beginner programmer. Simply <strong>drag&amp;drop</strong> your rules and conditions, than create an action to be executed as soon as those specific <strong>conditions</strong> has been <strong>triggered</strong>.

For example: don’t you ever need to <strong>show popup</strong> on your website just before they’re <strong>leaving your website</strong>? Don’t you ever need to <strong>receive an email</strong> when something wrong happens (404 pages, login problems, <strong>spam</strong> attacks, etc…)? Don’t you ever need to <strong>redirect</strong> customer to a landing page if they are using a <strong>mobile</strong> browser?

These examples are only intended to give you an idea of what this plugin can do. You can create <strong>more than 200</strong> possible <strong>combinations</strong>!

Remember: <strong>no code</strong> (php, javascript, css…) required! Just install this plugin, activate it and <strong>create your applets</strong> (conditions and action) in a few seconds!

Key Features of WPIF Plugin for WordPress:
  • Possible conditions and events (that can even be combined each other) :
  • Page is 404
  • Today date is
  • Is customer navigating with a smartphone
  • Current page is …
  • Current post is …
  • Mouse exits window
  • Mouse is stopped for n seconds
  • Right click pressed
  • User agent is …
  • User is logged in
  • User role is …
  • …and more!
  • Possibile actions (triggered on specific event or conditions):
  • Javascript alert popup
  • Custom code (php, javascript, css or html)
  • Force logout
  • Show a modal message / window popup
  • Redirect to
  • Send email
  • Phone vibration
  • …and more!
<p><strong>*</strong>List of operators:

  • Equal
  • Not equal
  • Less (or equal) than
  • More (or equal) than
  • In range
  • Not in range

Do you have any suggestions? Do you need a new event or action to be added to WPIF in the next release? Feel free to contact us!

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