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WooCommerce Live Customer Analysis (WooCommerce)

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Businesses that interacts with potential customers online are better placed to build a connection and increase their revenues, with <em><strong>WooCommerce Live Customer Analysis plug-in helps you to do detailed analysis of your current Live customers on site, you can get list of how many visitors and customers are LIVE on your website, interact with them by sending custom popup messages while they are online, see complete Customer profile and Comments at click of a button</strong></em>

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Admin (To View Report)

Username: demouser
Password: demouser

Customer 1

Username: johndoe
Password: [email protected]

Customer 2

Username: emmajackson
Password: [email protected]

Key Functionalities:

  • Dashboard Report
  • Active Customers List along with its Order Value, Duration on website, Page Visits etc.
  • View detailed Customer Profile (First, Last Order Date, Total Order Count, Total Order Value, Product Summary, Coupon Summary)
  • Send custom popup messages to Live Customers
  • Create Message Templates
  • View Review comments
  • Guest Visitors List along with its IP Address, Total Visits Count, Visit Date and Duration on website.
  • Customer Report
  • Guest Report
  • Settings like Visitor Settings, Delete Page History Settings

        <h4 id="item-description__active-customers"><strong>Active Customers</strong></h4>
        On this page you will see currently Live Visitors, Customers on site
        For Guest Visitors you will see their IP Address, Country, Total Visits, Visit Date, Duration
        For Customers you will see their IP Address, First Name, Last Login Date, Total Visits, Order Value, and Duration on website, Page Visits (List of visited pages with URL)

        <h4 id="item-description__customer-profile"><strong>Customer Profile</strong></h4>
        Clicking on “Profile” link you can see a detailed customer summaries, Total Sales, Orders, Refunds, List of Product purchased etc.

        <h4 id="item-description__push-notification-message-popup"><strong>Push Notification/ Message Popup</strong></h4>
        Clicking on “PMsg” link you can send a custom popup message to currently Live customer, message can be in HTML/formatted or Image, you can create popup message templates for reuse

        <h4 id="item-description__page-visits"><strong>Page Visits</strong></h4>

        Clicking on “Visits” link you can see which are the links/pages user has visited so far.

        <h4 id="item-description__sales-history"><strong>Sales History</strong></h4>

        Clicking “Sales History” link you can see Day wise summaries of Customer visits and value of orders he has placed

        <h4 id="item-description__dashboard"><strong>Dashboard</strong></h4>
        Dashboard page shows various summaries like Total Customer Visits, Last 7 Days Customer Visits, Yesterday Customer Visits and Today’s Customer Visits same in case of Guest Visitors.

Top 10 Customer Visits, Last 30 Days Customer/Guests Visit

Customer Report

        Customer Report page will give you list of customers who has visited your website along with their IP Address, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Login Date. You can filter this report by Date Range and can export this to CSV.

Guest Report

        <p>Guest report page will give you list of guest visitors (Non Logged in Users) who visited your website. Report will display IP Address, First Visit Date and last Visit Date. You can filter this report by Date Range and can export this to CSV.</p>        

        <h2 id="item-description__changelog"><strong>Changelog</strong></h2>

Version 1.1 Release April 12, 2018

        <li>New: Added Order Status Filter on Customer Profile Page</li>
        <li>New: Added Products Summary on Customer Profile Page</li>
        <li>New: UI changes</li>
        <li>Fix: Other minor fixes.</li>

Version 1.0 Release April 03, 2018

  • First Public Release

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