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WooCommerce Image Review for Discount – WordPress Plugin (Products)

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WooReview allows you to automatically send emails to your customers of their recent purchase with you and offer a discount on future purchases if they leave a image review on the product they purchased.

Gather and advertise reviews with images, an awesome approach to visual marketing!

With WooReview, your customers can easily give you five-star ratings and add photos of themselves using your products.

<p><strong>Stimulate</strong> your customers to leave reviews and increase their value by offering discount codes. <strong>Send coupons to customers</strong> who reviewed their purchases to keep them engaged with your shop.

Did you know that products with photo reviews increase conversion by up to 90%?

Customers want to see what products look like outside of the product images. They want to see what products look like in real life.

<p><strong>Showcase</strong> your customer reviews in beautiful galleries of photo reviews that can be displayed on any page of your store, including a dedicated reviews page.

Features List

  • Review Reminder – Send Automatic Emails to Your Customers Asking for Reviews, and offer them Discounts for Submitting Reviews with Images
  • Showcase your Customer Reviews and Display them on any Page of your Store, including a Dedicated Reviews Page
  • Moderation – Provide awesome customer service by monitoring reviews. You decide which reviews get published
  • Edit & Modify Reviews – You can Edit & Delete Review Texts & Images if they are not Appropriate
  • Social reviews sharing – Share reviews on social media, inspire your fans, and gain free traffic and exposure on Facebook
  • Create & Assign Coupons to Customers that Review Products Purchased from your Store that can be used for Future Purchases.
  • 4 Notification Emails Available -Pending Image Review, Image Review Approved (with coupon), Image Review Approved (without coupon) & Invite Customer To Review The Product
  • Preview emails in the admin area
  • Checkout Statistics, Popular Products & Popular Reviewers
  • View Reviews per Product – Administrators can Check How many Reviews & some Statistics each Product has when he edits it.
  • Send Emails to users Automatically for each Approved Review
  • Browse through reviews by filtering by author
  • Works with any theme, mobile-friendly, 100% responsive plus you decide where reviews will appear on the page
  • User restriction – users can only upload JPG & PNG images
  • Setup when you wish to send an Invitation Email Notification to customers who purchased a product from your website
    • in the same day as the order is completed
    • 1 week after the order is completed
    • 2 weeks after the order is completed
    • 3 weeks after the order is completed

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