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Prevent Direct Access: Protect WordPress Files (Add-ons)

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   Prevent Direct Access provides a simple and easy way to protect WordPress files. 

   Seamlessly integrated, you can now easily protect your WordPress Files by just one single click. Once protected, they cannot be accessed directly through their original, unprotected links (URLs). Unwanted users will be redirected to your 404 error page when attempting to view these files directly.

Instead, our plugin will automatically generate random Private URLs or you can just create and customize your own ones. These private URLs are the ONLY way to access your protected files.

Protect Unlimited Files and All File Types

Prevent Direct Access Gold protects unlimited WordPress files and all file types including PNG, JPEG, ZIPs, PDFs and MP4 that you upload to your WordPress Media, Pages or Posts. Once protected, they cannot be accessed directly via their original URLs.

Block Google from Indexing your WordPress Protected Files

Prevent Direct Access plugin explicitly tells Google and other search engines not to index any of your protected content so that your protected files and their original URLs won’t be indexed nor appear on the search results.

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Grant Logged-in Users Access to Protected Files

Prevent Direct Access allows some specific roles of your website such as your subscribers and contributors to access your WordPress protected files.

This feature comes in handy when you have a membership platform in place where you want to protect your files, and at the same time, allow your members to access those private files.

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Prevent Direct Access gives you the power to create as many private download links as you would like to. That allows you to share a protected file with different groups of users, and at the same time, keep track of clicks on each and every private download link. You can also customize your download links so that it looks more legitimate and is easier to remember.

Besides, You can protect not only your WordPress files but also their private or download links that you’ve created. There are a few ways you can do it:

  • Manually deactivate or delete private links
  • Auto deactivate private links after a number of clicks or days
  • Block private links access by IP addresses
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   For more information, please check out our 
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