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WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin (WooCommerce)

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WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations plugin empower your customers to reserve your services online. Add services to your eCommerce website as bookable products with price and availability to let the customers book a duration of their choice. With the help of a booking calendar, customers can quickly select a day, month, and time to reserve a product. Reserve bookable products on behalf of your customers to make sure they avail your services. Create bookable options and assign them to products for maximizing the revenue of your website.

Create Bookable Products and Allow Customers to Reserve

WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations plugin allows you to add bookable products to your eCommerce website. Examples allow customers to book a room, recreational tour, a therapy session, a yoga or programming class, or professional consultancy.

Create Bookable Options to Generate More Sales

In addition to the bookable products, you can create numerous bookable options to boost revenues. For example, a hotel can allow customers to book hi-tea and buffets in addition to reserving a room. A salon can allow their customers to book manicure and pedicure sessions along with hair cutting appointments. Generate more sales by imagining countless scenarios according to the nature of your business.

Reserve Bookable Products on Behalf of your Customers

You can reserve bookable products on behalf of your customers to save them from the hassle. Let your valued customers avail the services in their preferred timings. The users who can’t access your website or don’t understand the reservation process can take benefit of this feature.

Set Fixed or Customer Defined Booking Duration

With a Fixed Duration block, you can allow customers to reserve a product in a specific time frame. Whereas customer defined block displays a booking calendar that gives them the freedom to select booking duration of their choice.

Allow/Disallow Customers to Cancel the Booking

Select either the customers can cancel their booking or not. You can also configure validity for cancelling the reservations.

Configure Options to a Bookable Product

Add a bookable option to the product for customers so that they can book it along with a product. You can customize label, option type, and assign multiple bookable add-ons to a product.

Create Global Availability

You can create booking availability for the products and options. You can determine the availability of bookable products in ranges of months, days, or custom date. By creating global availability, you can configure generalized booking slots for quickly adding them to products.

Determine Price Ranges for Different Bookable Durations

Set a standard price for the bookable product. By creating different price ranges, you can allow discounts for the off-peak hours. For example, set a higher price for the weekends and lower for the weekdays, or swimming pools charge higher in summer season than winter.

Allow Person-Wise Reservation of Bookable Products

WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations plugin empowers you to create a bookable product that has persons as well. Let your customers book a product according to their accompanying persons. For example, allow customer to reserve a room for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Set minimum and maximum persons

You can set a minimum and maximum number of persons for booking a product. For example, restrict booking of a room for minimum 1 and maximum 2 adults.

Define Person Types

Create different person types along with name, price, and description to charge your customers properly. Person types can be kids, adult, couple, etc.

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Practical Implementations of WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations

  • Hotels can allow customers to reserve a room online for a specific date
  • To earn more, hotels can charge customers for AC, internet, salon and spa as bookable options
  • The educational institutes can empower students to reserve a seat in the upcoming crash course.
  • Professional classes like programming, web development, arts and music can also be added as bookable products.
  • Marketing and PR agencies can easily sell tickets with online reservations
  • Hospitality industry can automate bookings of halls for weddings, conferences, corporate meetings, parties, and social gatherings.
  • Consultants like immigration experts, accountants, lawyers, doctors, and architects can allow booking an appointment online.
  • Financial analysts can generate more sales by rendering reporting services as bookable options in addition to their primary services of market analysis.

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