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Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress (Add-ons)



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Salesforce CRM Customer Portal for WordPress plugin provides an online support channel for your customers-allowing them to resolve their inquiries without contacting a customer care. It integrates your Salesforce CRM with WordPress.


  • Customer can create a case for an issue or a problem.
  • Customer can view and update own created cases.
  • Customer can create and view comments of the case.
  • Customer can register, login and create a own profile.
  • Customer can view or update their own profile.
  • Customer can search the cases.
  • Increase customer communication, interaction and satisfaction.
  • Lower support costs.
  • WordPress admin can enable or disable a Customer Portal registration.
  • WordPress admin can control the layout of Case and Contact (Customer Portal User). They also help determine which fields are visible or not.

Requirement: Any one of below Salesforce Editions with API access

  • Salesforce provides API access inbuilt and is enabled by default in bellow edition.

    • Enterprise Edition
    • Unlimited Edition
    • Developer Edition
    • Performance Edition
  • Note: Salesforce not provides API access inbuilt and is not enabled in bellow edition. You must have API access or will purchase API access for a bellow edition from Salesforce. If have or will purchase then our plugin work with bellow edition.

    • Contact Edition
    • Group Edition
    • Professional Edition


 - Initial release

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