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WordPress Speed Up Performance Plugin (SEO)

WordPress speed up performance plugin comes with 20+ speed optimization features. This plugin will help you to improve your on-page load time and will also assist you in improving your Google Page Speed Scores.

It comes with complete CSS, JS optimization feature. From inline CSS to JS defer, from server optimization to lazy load.

This plugin is loaded with every possible feature which is required to improve performance of your plugin.

Its 100% compatible with all sorts of cache plugins (free or premium) and works perfectly with premium wordpress themes. (Obviously certain features like js and css minification might not be suitable for websites which are powered heavily by js and animations).

Furthermore, you get free updates and support from me. If anything feels wrong, create a support ticket and I will try to respond you within 6 hours. And then I will personally make sure that your website gets best performance boost.

Test 1:




  1. Page load time decreased by 1 second. From 2.7sec to 1.8sec.
  2. Page size reduced by 126KB
  3. HTTP page requests reduced by 17.

Test 2:

Another Pingdom Test – Test Website is powered by Nginx, Varnish Cache.




  1. Page load time decreased by 2.84 second. From 5.67sec to 2.83sec.
  2. Page size reduced by 37KB
  3. HTTP page requests reduced by 29.

Test 3:

Please Check The Video

Currently, these are the features which are supported:

  • Compress HTML (HTML5 Supported)
  • Remove Query Strings From JS, CSS, Fonts & Gravatar Profile Images
  • Optimize Heatbeat API For Best Performance
  • Optimize & Enable CDN For Font Awesome Styles
  • Remove WordPress Shortlink
  • Remove Adjacent Posts Links
  • Remove Windows Manifest
  • Remove The WordPress Version
  • Remove All Rss Feed Links
  • Combine & Minify Extenal JS Files
  • Move Scripts To The Footer
  • Defer Parsing Of Javascript Files
  • Load JS From Google Libraries
  • Load CSS Asynchronously – Inline CSS (Dramatically Improves Page Load Time)
  • Minify All Inline CSS Styles
  • Insert All CSS Styles Inline To The Footer
  • Disable All Above CSS Options On Mobile Devices
  • Add Expires Header
  • Lazy Load Images To Improve Speed
  • Customize WordPress Default Image Compression Level. This Option Will Only Work For New Image Uploads.

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