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Extendons WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Discounts Plugin (WooCommerce)

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to automate product pricing by defining rules and conditions to offer discount and special offers. You can setup quantity-based discount and special offers to a set of products or categories. Create rules to allow discounts on the cart as well. Discounts can either be fixed or percentage of the product price or cart amount. Select customers or customer roles to allow them to avail discounts. You can also set and schedule a sale price to each product.

Limitless Practical Implications of Dynamic Pricing

We are sharing some of the discount ideas among the limitless practical implications of dynamic pricing plugin. Review them to have an inspiration for setting discounts on your online store.

  • 10% Discount on first 10 units, 12% Discount on above 10 units
  • A pack of 3 T-shirts at $7.99 only
  • Get Free Case with Purchase of Mobile
  • 5% off on the purchase of 10+ units of a Product
  • Avail 30% Off on Speakers with every addition of a desktop computer to cart
  • Add 5 Jewelry items to cart and get a flat 7% discount
  • Spend $500 or above to grab a huge 10% discount
  • Get 1 month free Webhosting with every domain purchase
  • Reserve hotel room for 2 nights and get a free dinner
  • Subscribers gets heavy 30% discount on computer accessories
  • 15% discount to first time buyer
  • 7% discount on total cart amount if buying women jeans
  • Additional shipping charges of $18 applies to orders across the border
  • 25% Off on all products to repeat customers
  • Each Clothing item at $11 till midnight
  • All software applications are 12% off this month

Allow Quantity Based Discounts and Special Offers

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to automate discounts on the basis of product quantity a buyer adds to cart. You can also let them avail special offers within the catalog like buy one and get other free. It encourages them to buy more store items to avail better discounts prospects.

Quantity Based Discounts

Special Offers

Enable Cart Discounts to Aid Customers on the Checkout

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to setup cart discount that surprises the customers while they continue adding products to the cart. Create cart rules so that customers can quickly avail discounts on the total amount when a condition is met. It can be a quantity-based discount calculated either as a percentage or fixed amount. You can configure starting and ending date for cart discounts.

Create Fixed or Percentage Discounts

Select discount type as fixed and add the amount you want the plugin to subtract from product price. You can also configure a percentage discount that is deducted either from a product price or cart value. Let the customers enjoy discounted pricing while shop at your store.

Permit Certain Customers to Qualify for Discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin empowers you to permit certain customers to avail the discounts. You can either select customers one by one or allow customer roles to grab the offers. For example, you can set a condition for subscribers to get a special offer that is not valid for the regular customers.

Apply Dynamic Pricing to your Store

With WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, you can automate discounts and subsidized pricing by setting rules for products and shopping cart. Define a conditional discount for a set of products, categories, or the entire web shop.

<strong>Allow Bulk Discounts</strong>

Set a discount on the basis of product quantity a customer adds to cart

<strong>Special Offer</strong>

Allow special offers that are fixed or percentage of the product price

<strong>Offer discount on Combined Products</strong>

Let the user avail discount when they add a combination of products to cart

<strong>Initiate BOGO Offers</strong>

Set up Buy One Get One (BOGO) and other similar offers to attract customers

The only limit to creating rules for discounts and special offers is your imagination.

Maximize Your Store Revenue

Increase Sales of your online store by encouraging customers to avail discounts. Let them grab bulk discounts and attractive deals on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Offer a flash summer sale to clear all the stock in a defined time period.

Acquire Repeat Customers

Dynamic pricing make your customers return back in pursuit of offers and discounts. They tend to visit you whenever they need something relevant to your store. You acquire repeat customers just because they hope to avail discounts on cart price or bulk purchases.

Increase Profits with Price Escalation

With price escalation, you can sell the same products at higher prices in addition to the people buying at discounted price. It allows you to capture both high paying and low paying customers. For example, a whole seller will get a lower price because of bulk discount, while a retailer will pay standard price (with high profit margin) for purchasing a unit of the same product.

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