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WooCommerce Shipping Tracker (Shipping)

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What is WooCommerce Shipping Tracker?

WooCommerce Shipping Tracker is a WooCommerce Plugin, that enables you to add <strong>Shipping Numbers</strong> to your orders, so your customers can <strong>track their shipments</strong>.<br />

Key Features

    <li>Add Tracking Numbers</li>
    <li>Shipping Confirmations</li>
    <li>Automatic generation of Tracking Links</li>
    <li>Many Carriers supported (FedEx, USPS, DHL and more)</li>
    <li>Create your own Carrier</li>
    <li>Clean and Beautiful Email Notification</li>
    <li>Tracking View on Order Page</li>
    <li>Uses Carrier’s Logos</li>


For each order you can select from many different pre-made carriers. If the one you need is not available yet, then you can simply create it on your own!

Pre-made Carriers

    <li>Deutsche Post</li>
    <li>United States Postal Office</li>

Languages supported

Currently we only support English and German, but we’re working on translating it into Italian, Spanish and French!

<strong>Happy Shipping!</strong>

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