WordPress wiki plugins allow you to create a knowledge base website. These plugins are highly functional and provide you with loads of amazing features. Wiki plugins are especially useful if you wish to create a help desk or customer support for your WordPress website.

Here we have listed some of the best WordPress Wiki plugins of 2020. Let us have a look at these plugins in detail:

#1 – Very Simple Knowledge Base

WordPress Wiki Plugins

Very Simple Knowledge Base is a WordPress wiki plugin. It helps you to include knowledge base contents on your website. The plugin basically uses shortcodes in order to prepare wiki pages for your website. The shortcodes can be found on the official page of the plugin.

You will be able to copy the shortcodes and paste them directly on your web pages. There are a bunch of shortcodes available using which you will be able to customise your wiki page. Shortcodes are available for custom display posts, columns and display settings. 

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#2 – Yada Wiki

WordPress Wiki Plugins

Yada Wiki allows you to create a wiki page section on your website. You will easily be able to make editings to your page from the WordPress dashboard itself. You will also be able to make your wiki page first and then add the contents to it.

Yada Wiki also allows you to add shortcodes to your web pages. This ensures a very fast loading time. You will not have to remember the code. The users will be provided with a number of buttons using which they will be able to control the wikis.

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#3 – BWL Knowledge Base Manager

WordPress Wiki PluginsBWL Knowledge Base Manager lets you add external wiki links to your WordPress website. This WordPress plugin also allows you to control the look of the pages of your website. You will be able to display a table of contents and info boxes on your pages.

Customised links can also be added anywhere on your web page. BWL Knowledge Base Manager is especially useful for bloggers. They will be able to show relevant information through their blogs. It is also suitable for people who wish to display external portfolios.

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#4- RDP Wiki Embed

WordPress Wiki Plugins

RDP Wiki Embed is the best WordPress wiki plugin available to us. It is a premium plugin and has lots of amazing features, The plugin is highly responsive and it can be used in any type of device. RDP Wiki Embed also works with all popular WordPress themes.

RDP Wiki Embed is an extremely versatile WordPress plugin. You will be able to use this plugin easily without requiring any kind of technical knowledge. This plugin also lets you add membership plans to your website.

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#5-Encyclopedia Pro

WordPress Wiki Plugins

Encyclopedia Pro is another very popular WordPress wiki plugin. It has lots of features which are suitable for both beginners as well as professional developers. The user will be able to edit the wiki pages simply by using this plugin.

You will also be provided with a number of templates and widgets which you can customise as per your choice. Every wiki page comes with the menu option. This allows the frontend users to make changes to the pages. The backend is only accessible to the admin.

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#6 – WP Glossary

wp glossary

WP Glossary is another WordPress wiki plugin that lets you create an excellent WordPress wiki website. The plugin is very easy to use and allows the users to build their own glossary. It gives your website a highly professional look. 

You will be able to create informative web sites within seconds using the WP Glossary plugin. You will be provided complete access to the editor. The plugin is also responsive and runs on mobile devices. WP Glossary increases the SEO performance by highlighting the phrases in the glossary.

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#7 – UserPress

user Press

UserPress is one such WordPress wiki plugin that provides you with a lot of amazing tools and features. Some of the most useful features of the plugin include accessing archives, live search option, editing, sorting and many more. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes.

UserPress is extremely suitable for beginners and professional developers. You will also be able to track the pages of your website for changes. You will be able to find out whether a frontend editor has made any kind of changes to it or not. 

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#8 – Knowledge Base – HelpDesk

knowledge base help desk

Knowledge Base – HelpDesk is a widely used WordPress wiki plugin. Setting up this plugin is quite an easy task. It is a feature-rich plugin and is going to make your task of developing a WordPress wiki website extremely.

Knowledge Base – HelpDesk allows the frontend developers to submit their code on your WordPress website. You can also add tables and a voting system. The people will be able to express their opinion regarding how helpful the page was. You will also be able to limit the access to certain content of your pages. 

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#9 – WP Knowledgebase

wp knowledge base

WP Knowledgebase a highly collaborative WordPress wiki plugin. It allows you to share knowledge with the other members of your website. The plugin has a lot of amazing features. You will be able to edit and publish contents on your web page. You can also roll back to the previous version if you are not happy with the changes that you have made to your website.

A huge range of customisation options is available. You will also be able to add restrictions to certain sections of your webpage. The plugin is very easy to use and is also an excellent choice for knowledge lovers.

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Helpie is a premium WordPress plugin that has loads of amazing features. Some of the most useful features of this plugin include voting and search forms. The plugin has also got a highly modern design. You will be provided with the shortcode generator using which you can add shortcodes to your web page.

A huge range of shortcodes is available including voting shortcodes and search form shortcodes. You can display up to four columns on your website. Widgets can also be used to display items on the sidebars of your website. Help is fully responsive and is also browser compatible.

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And these were some of the best WordPress Wiki Plugins of 2020. Each of these plugins has its own set of extraordinary features. Let us know which plugin you are going to choose for your website.

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