WordPress has emerged as one of the best content management software (CMS) to backend blogs, websites, e-commerce portals, and much more. Embedding your WordPress website with the PowerPoint presentation slides offers the perfect structure and visual appeal to your content. It provides a great way to reinforce your ideas and communicate with the target audience. Also, the presentation decks boost search engine optimization (SEO) and make it easy for your audience to find your website.

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Every business must include a beautifully designed deck in their website be it about launching a new product or making how-to guides. It ought to be top-notch to grab the attention of your audience at one glance. Thus, ditch crafting dull slides with stock templates as they seldom resonate with the clients.

Design awe-inspiring slideshows with professionally crafted templates from SlideModel to render your presentation wow-worthy. You can improve the readability of your website by embedding the slides manually and plugins. This blog will enlighten your perfect guide on some ways to add slides to your WordPress pages.

Here are a few ways to leverage while adding your slide decks to your website:

WordPress Plugins for PPT Viewer

WordPress offers various plugins to its users to help them in personalizing and customizing their websites. The WordPress plugin directory hosts a multitude of plugins to assist you in adding your slides with ease. Formulate striking slides with 100% editable templates from SlideModel and add them with these plugins seamlessly. They pose an ideal option for those who have many slides to upload daily. Let us look at two such plugins:


share PowerPoint and PDF presentations wordpress,WordPress ppt Viewer plugin
WordPress ppt Viewer plugin

This easy-to-use and accessible plugin aid you in adding your presentation slides smoothly. All you have to perform is the plugin installation and activating it. Your next move is to upload your slide deck on the SlideOnline website and get a shareable link. Copy the shortcode and embed it in your WordPress blog by adding it to your desired place on the website.


Best Embedded Solution wordpress, WordPress ppt Viewer
WordPress ppt Viewer plugin

EmbedPress plugin allows you to embed images, audio-video, upload DOC, PPT, PDF, and other content types into your WordPress site. Its beauty lies in its one-click uploading to let you showcase your PPTs beautifully for visitors. Select this plugin from the settings tab on your page and adjust the ratios of the slides. Click on the desired space where you want your slide deck and insert the shortcode from the ‘Add document’ option.


SlideShare wordpress

It is imperative to decide where you would like to host your presentation before embedding it on your WordPress page. SlideShare is a third-party server that can help your task of adding tonnes of slides to your page. It lets you upload and share presentations saving your time from installing plugins. Moreover, it stores all your slides in the cloud making them easily accessible anytime.

Start by logging into your SlideShare account and select the slide deck that you want to add. Next, copy the displayed URL from the address bar. Proceed by going to your WordPress page and choose the ‘Text Tab’ from the Edit page option. Simple, paste the copied URL there. Now, SlideShare will host and embed all your presentations on the WordPress website.

Google Slides

Google Slides wordpress

Create marvelous presentations with Google Slides templates and attract wide site traffic. Its customizable templates let you import slides from other applications like SlideModel as well. The only challenge that beginners may find is pasting codes from Google Slides to WordPress that declines with practice. Harnessing slideshows from Google Slides to WordPress is straightforward with these two steps:

  • Leverage Embed Code from Google Slides
     This method does not require any WordPress plugin. You can start by designing a Google Slides presentation and select the “Publish To Web” option. Modify it according to your desired settings and publish the slides. Next, you must choose the ‘Embed’ option from a pop-up that appears after publishing. Copy the embed code and paste it into your WordPress page where you want it by switching to the Text editor. 
get embed
WordPress ppt Viewer using Embed
  • Adding with oEmbed Plugin– You can install and activate this plugin in the WordPress directory. Get a shareable URL from Google Slides by opting for the ‘Publish to Web’ option. You may select the publish button after adjusting your presentation settings. Copy this URL by opening the HTML post editor and embed your slideshow. 

Covet ppt to YouTube Video

Use Youtue video instead of slide

YouTube acts as one of the most browsed channels to publish videos catering to a broad audience range. Your first step here is to convert your PowerPoint slides to a video format by opting for the ‘Create a Video option from the Export button.

Set the quality of your video to HD and manually select slide durations. The next step consists of publishing it on YouTube with a given link. Embed your PPT video by pasting that link on the Editor’s Screen on your WordPress page where it is desired.

WordPress embedding method

This embedding method assists you to upload your PPT file to your WordPress page. It gives you the option to add a link for your users whereby they can download it easily and watch it on their devices. To leverage this option, select your blog page or website where you want your embedded slideshow. Next, you must select the ‘Add Media’ icon from the Text Editor option on WordPress. You will get the option to choose either Flash uploader or Browser uploader. Select the desired one. Your post will automatically get added with a hyperlinked PPT by selecting the ‘Insert to page’ option.

Wrapping up WordPress ppt Viewer

Adding PowerPoint slides to your WordPress page helps you to deliver the best-in-class user experience. It allows you to garner more site traffic and even accelerate the page view. We encourage you to design magnificent presentations with appealing templates from SlideModel and impress your audience. PowerPoint presentations added to your site or blog adds five stars to it. Choose from any method mentioned above that works the best for you and embellish your WordPress site with presentations today.

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