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Guide For / Tips / Tricks Code New! for Android Studio (Templates)

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Guide For / TIPS / TRICKS V3 is a new modern app that I’m sure you’ll love it by trying it, The code includes best tricks and methods that allow you to increase your earning x3 from Admob, is that all? Sure Not!!
The code has modern design and ten pages in every button, as well as the pages, have ads shows on every page to increase your Admob earning.


- Modern UI Design

– Responsive Guide Code Source
– 5 Buttons
– 10 Pages In Every Button (50 Pages)
– Increase your Admob earning x3 $$

What are you waiting for?

Buy it now and enjoy making money $$$

For any question contact me at :
[email protected]

Note : 

If you want to reskin the code I can do it for you for $10 to $15 addition
by contacting me on Gmail and describe what you want to change

Don’t forget your rate when you purchase the code. 

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