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Music Lover (Full Applications)

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Link Appstore: download here

1. App’s Features:

*Offline play music.
*Download music from clouds like Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive.
*Easily transfer music from your computer via wifi connection.
*Play music in background mode, even screen is off.
*Remote control player.
*Schedule to stop music.
*View lyrics if have.
*Nice audio player with awesome effect.

2. Source code:

– Objective C
– Xcode Version 9.4 (9F1027a)
– IOS > 8.0
– Cocoa Pods
– Ready publish to store

3. How to build

– Move to project folder > pod install
– Open MusicLover.xcworkspace > run

4. Setup some feature:

– modify Constant.h for:
+ IAP :
#define PRODUCT_IDS [“com.vietgameplay.apps.musiclover.noads”]

read following links for setup: Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive
#define GOOGLE_MOBILE_ADS_ID @”ca-app-pub-2163545683625953~8052713326”
#define ADMOB_BANNER_ID @”ca-app-pub-2163545683625953/2829550079”
#define ADMOB_BANNER_SMALL_ID @”ca-app-pub-2163545683625953/5492335802”
#define ADMOB_INTERSTITIAL_ID @”ca-app-pub-2163545683625953/9603552429”

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