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WooStore – WooCommerce Mobile Ionic App (Mobile)

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WooStore App is having following features:

Payments Methods :

Support almost all Payment Gateways.

Shipping Methods :

Automatically loads shipping methods from your website.

Search Products / Filters :

Allows customer to search/filter products within categories.

Add to Cart from listing page :

Allows customer to easily add a product from listing page no need to go to the details page.

Social Login:

Supports Facebook & Google login.

Real-time update on products and categories :

Categories and products are updated in app automatically.

Wishlist :

Allows customers to manage their wishlist

Password reset :

Allows customers to reset password from the app.

Product Review and rating :

Allows customers to review items.

Supports OneSignal Push Notiication

Allows you to send a notification to a specific category, product & post.

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