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MK Apps – The One with Login (Android)

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MK Android Apps

The One with Login

A full working Android App with ready-to-use login system
Save your time, with this working app you can start working on your project without thinking about implementing a user login system.

This app has a full demo here: download demo app

How does it work?

The user can choice the login method: phone or email. In both cases he will receive a 4-digit verification code to his phone number or email address, depending on his choice.

What is included in the download package?

You will get an android folder project that you can import inside your Android Studio, the .java files included are:

Login via phone number

The user has to digit his phone number, then a sms message will be auto-sent from his number to itself. The app will compare the random generated code sent as sms body and the phone number saved at the first step. Once authenticated the user will be automatically logged in to the MainActivity (your app code).

Login via email

The user must input his email address, an AsynTask will contact a server (your server) that generates a random 4-digit code and send an email to the given address. Be careful, you’ll need your own server-side script to generate the random code and send it via email.

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