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Ionic Social App (Mobile)

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This Social app has all the feature of Social Network used to get connected with family & friends
via messages,posts & many more.The app is developed on Ionic 3,Angular & Firestore.
It comes with all the service and business.App is created in such a way that helps developer
to customize the things easier. We are committed to keep adding new feature
and enhance app and keep updating to latest ionic.We are providing a complete document that will
help you in installation & running the application, although You are free to ask any question related to




Note :
This is our first release so if you fing any issues or want some new features get in touch
with us via email and we get back to you ASAP ( Please include app name in Email subject ) .

Email to [email protected]
Visit our official website:

Please Follow below command:

#Install Latest Ionic Framework
$ npm install -g [email protected]

#Browse the App
Navigate to project directory

#Install package.json dependencies
$ npm install

#Test your app on multiple screen sizes and platform types by starting a local development server
$ ionic serve
$ ionic serve --lab

#Build iOS ( you need Xcode to make IOS build )
$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova build ios --prod --aot

#Build Android
$ ionic cordova platform add android ( Make sure android studio and there SDK install correctly)
$ ionic cordova build android --prod --aot

#Deploying/Running on emulator
$ ionic cordova run android --prod


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# RELEASE 1.0.0 - ( 22nd May 2018 )
 - Initial Release.


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