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WebToNative – Advanced WebView For Chrome App (Apps)

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WebToNative – Advanced WebView For Chrome App

 Chrome App 

WebToNative has a integrated high end browser which is used for processing your web script and provides high performance

<p> WebToNative is a Native Chrome Application which wraps the website content into a full pledged Chrome Application. WebToNative Chrome Application has been Integrated with High End Browser Libraries to wrap your website contents into Chrome App. Advanced WebToNative Chrome Application comes with many useful inbuild features and services

This App has integrated browser. Code is clean, consistent, easily configurable and customizable. It does not require any programming skills. We provide excellent and quick support. Compatible with all kind of  web sites

WebToNative Chrome Application supports HTML5 games to run smoothy with the help advanced Web Rendering Engine integrated into this application

This App can be published on Chrome App Store


Features :

  • Chrome Application
  • Upload files
  • Download Files
  • Supports HTML5 rendering
  • Supports HTML5 Games
  • Integrated inline browser with WEBRTC support
  • Exclusive Touch Support
  • Integrated inline browser with WEBGL support
  • Supports Audio and Video Playback
  • Very responsive
  • can be integarted to many websites
  • Upload user images from the device storage
  • Avoids crashing of Chrome application
  • Supports Background Music Play
  • Upload images from the device
  • Minimize and Maximize Feature
  • close button
  • Native Application
  • Email system supported
  • Share link supported

and many more…


v2.0 – Latest Version

- Implemented Advanced WebView Engine
- Integrated high end libraries to support HTML 5 Games
- Supports HTML5 Games Rendering Smooth
- Bug fixes

Initial Version

- Implemented HTML5 Support
- improved changes in Web view
- implemented new framework for web engine
- improved changes to load website faster
- fixed problem with video Play
- Bug fixes

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