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TapTranslate – Translator Keyboard Template [iOS- Swift] (Full Applications)

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Demo app available on the AppStore:

Translate like a pro with 91 languages, write any text with your favorite keyboard and switch to TapTranslate to translate. TapTranslate is fast and accurate. It’s powered by the worlds most trusted translators. No more switching between google translate and other apps to translate

Trust me you’ll love it.


- Supports 91 languages

- Hassle-free setup

- Free and will be forever

- Accurate translations

TapTranslate ONLY works iPhone 5,5c,5s, 

iPhone 6,6s,6s+,6+, and iPhone 8,8+

<strong>Make money with the in-app purchase: </strong>

TapTranslate and my other apps generate around $100/$200 a month, it’s a great way to make money with iOS apps. besides the app is free, the user only pays to remove a piece of text, which is worth and everyone pays willingly

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