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ELearning – Listening app (Full Applications)

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ELearning – Listening App Solution Would you like a foreign language teaching app for your own? This solution is suitable if you are a teacher or you have a foreign language teaching center.

The app solution for learning foreign languages – listening. With this application solution, you can easily change the content to an English learning app, learning Spanish, learning Japanese, learning Chinese … application learning English approach to listening lessons they must answer the questions related to the lesson so that the app can objectively assess the ability to hear.

Each lesson comes with audio, transcript, vocabulary list and quiz, which help you to improve your English Grammar, English Speaking, Listening and expand your English Vocabulary.

Features of the app:

  • Helps users learn English by listening to lessons
    In each lesson there will be quiz questions, the user may or may not be able to display the question while listening to the lesson. (To the end of the sentence, answer the question (if any).)
  • When you love a lesson, you can easily select and organize your favorite songs
  • App has a lesson download feature that allows users to listen while not connected to the network
  • Multilanguage
  • Change theme
  • Change the interface to show lessons
  • The game features to answer questions in the app, making it easy for the user to check the lessons.
  • Vocabulary for each lesson.
  • Scroll text conversation by the time
  • Listening to the lesson in background
  • Notification for listening lessons
  • Backend page for manage all lessons, questions, and quiz
  • Admob feature
  • Support: Phone
  • Suggested expansion:
 These are the features that are required for learning the foreign language – listening app. Also, we can upgrade more features so that it brings more convenience to users. This is our recommendation. We can add features such as user management, social networking …

Also if you have a mall you may want to see our solution for training centers:

<b>Platform:</b>  Android, Web PHP

<b>Tool: </b>Android studio, Yii2 FW

General support:

1. Skype: suusoft
2. Website:
3. Email : [email protected]
4. Facebook:

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