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GPS Speedometer Android App + Admob Ad id (Network / Connectivity)

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GPS Speedometer is an interesting app that lets you enjoy a robust speedometer on your smartphone. Looking for a tool like this? Then you’re in luck as this app is a fantastic option. 

GPS Speedometer you can measure how fast you’re moving in an easy, precise, and reliable way. You can view your current speed on an analog interface as well as check maximum, minimum, and average speeds. It is very useful if you want to verify your vehicle speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.!
• Display Color: Choose from 10 customizable colors.
• GPS Speedometer for Cars , Bikes, Bicycle, Trucks
• Show Accurate Speed In Digital Speed Meter
• Lite Mode (speed only) – swipe the speed left or right. Swipe again to return
• HUD Mode (mirrored) – swipe the speed up or down. Swipe again to return

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