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Web to App | Native Universal Android WebView App with AdMob & Firebase PUSH Notification (Full Applications)

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Our App is very to Customize. You can easily modify the features. For details, check out our App customization videos –


Here is the detailed feature list:

<li>Home Button</li>
<li>Pull to refresh</li>
<li>Zoom Control</li>
<li>PUSH Notification</li>
<li>Material COlor theme</li>
<li>Enhanced documentation</li>
<li>24/7 Customer Support</li>

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</p><h2 id="item-description__demo-app-link">Demo App Link: </h2>

            <a href=";id=1PaJd_1ovFkyE92tURMB18Wb8RT3O6GNn" rel="nofollow">
                <img src=";id=1XhkMW33b5_KAqvvh8H3lATCafKnXnH5Y" alt=";id=1PaJd_1ovFkyE92tURMB18Wb8RT3O6GNn" />


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App Demo Video

<a href="" rel="nofollow">
<img src=";id=14Lyv860P-UghY9ws8q_eX4S8PoLJEV5F" alt="" />

Technical Documentation


- App Customization Videos added in the documentation

- Initial Release

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