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Ninja Run Adventures – Endless Runner – Easy to Reskin – Android Studio + Admob (Games)

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Ninja Runner Adventures World – Endless Run

The game consists in an endless run while collecting a maximum of coins and avoiding multiple enemies and obstacles in order for the Ninja to achieve his mission!
Multiple worlds and adventures for a maximum of fun and entertainment.

How to play “Ninja Run Adventures”?

With only two control buttons which are “Jump” and “Roll”, this platform game is very easy to play, even for the little ones.

Main features:

Unique gameplay and unique Android Studio source code.

BuildBox 3.0 Source code (NOT INCLUDED!).
Share with friends and review my app options available to increase popularity!
3 different worlds available: Forest – City – Iceland with endless run gameplay.
Score is based on number of coins collected.
Super coins and magnet power-ups available!
Health Bar available.
Cool soundtracks and sound effects.

Monetization method:

Admob Interstitial ONLY, configured to appear 1/3 times on “Home Screen” and 1/2 times on “Game Over screen” and “How to Play Screen”.
No Admob banner, as it annoys users while playing runner games
But can be added upon request ;)

Apk File on Dropbox

Try it on PlayStore:

Instructions on How to reskin the game:

The game requires Android Studio 3.0 with latest libraries and API installed to avoid build errors (including Google Play Services).

Reskin Steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Open Android Studio 3, select “Open an existing Android Studio Project”, browse to the unzipped folder, and click OK.
  3. If Android Studio has the latest updates (libraries, Gradle, API’s..etc), it will compile without showing any error message/warning.
    If a popup shows saying update Gradle file, click on “Update”.
  4. Change “App name” and “Package Name”. (Right Click > Refactor > Rename).
  5. Change Admob Interstitial ID with yours. (More infos on how to change interstitial in the FAQ section).
  6. Go to the downloaded folder, and browse to App>Src>Main>Assets>Data>Atlases and replace the existing PNG images with your own ones.
  7. Return back to Android Studio and click on Build > Clean Project then Click on Build > Rebuild project.
  8. Finally click on Build > Generate Signed APK and follow the simple steps.

    Should you have any other questions? Please contact us before purchasing this item to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Thank you and please take a moment to give us a good review if you enjoyed this item!

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