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Traveler – Video sharing social network for travelers with Chat, Followers, Nearby Users and Places (Full Applications)

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Traveler is a video sharing with locations, Locations app, nearby users, places, country, Real-time chat app, with feed, histories, notifications, following system, real-time Chat with Send, Seen and online, facebook login, location, and others great features. Its uses Parse Server as backend

<strong> We are supporting by email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> </strong>

Test before buy

username: johndoe

password: 123456

<strong>Use this app code to build your own solid Traveler App social Network or for general purpose </strong>

<strong><h3 id="item-description__-we-recommend-back4app-com"> WE RECOMMEND “”</h3></strong>

<strong><h3 id="item-description__-package">- Package</h3></strong>

<li>Source code</li>
    <li>Cloud Code</li>

<strong><h3 id="item-description__-requirements">- Requirements</h3></strong>

<li>Parse Server (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


<li>Android Studio 3.x or up (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></li>

<strong><h3 id="item-description__-great-features">- Great Features</h3></strong>

<li>Facebook Login</li>
    <li>Histories (Instagram like)</li>
    <li>Ayto delete histories in 24h</li>
    <li>Multi video capture in 1 file</li>
    <li>Users and Places nearby</li>
    <li>Video published near you in real-time</li>
    <li>Followers and following</li>
    <li>Push notification</li>
    <li>Real-time Chat</li>
    <li>Time Ago</li>
    <li>Sign In/Sign Up for Email or Username</li>
    <li>Recover lost password with email or username</li>
    <li>Splash Screen</li>
    <li>Ready for Android 8.0</li>
    <li>Request permission in login screen (From android 6.0)</li>
    <li>Location request from Network, GPS, and Wifi</li>
    <li>Auto location update and real-time</li>
    <li>Share system build in (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, And other apps installed that can share content )</li>
    <li>more, more and more…</li>


Click in the image to see a video

Dedicated Support 24/7

by email see in documentation.

<strong> <h2 id="item-description__-we-can-customize-setup-server-publish-for-you-with-few-adicional-fee"> WE CAN CUSTOMIZE, SETUP SERVER, PUBLISH FOR YOU WITH FEW ADICIONAL FEE </h2></strong>


ver 1.0 10/13/2018
   - First version

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