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Crypto Exchange Mobile Hybrid App – Traders App (Full Applications)

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Crypto Exchange Mobile App Sources – Trading Crypto Currencies

Ready to trade with exchange it’s a starter for a mobile app project to 

Crypto Exchange Mobile App Sources

  • Integrate and trade with any exchage
  • Implement various strategies with more manual approach
  • Facilitate trading procedures and routines
  • Implement customizations for traders
  • Learn about crypto trading by coding and trading
  • Code with modern Angular Hybrid Native Environment

Morzynski Lab – Native Hybrid Mobile App for
Android and iOS

Morzynski Lab brings a completely redesigned and rebuilt system to the game Fast, easy to use, 
fully functional, and with a tone of awesome features that you’ll enjoy using bit by bit. Morzynski Lab Mobile App is the best Architectural Design.


  • Quality Item with 9 + years experience!
  • Quality Support with 24/7 responses to tickets!
  • Quality Support with the best documentations on the market!
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  • Ready to trade – needs just API keys / can work from JSON mockup
  • Product Screener / Listing – more than 100 currencies on listing already
  • Trading Page with Candle Stick Chart from Bittrex
  • Open Orders Page
  • Order History Page
  • Balances Page
  • Welcome & Settings blank pages

Tech Stack

Crypto Exchange Mobile App Sources

  • iOS/Android JS/TS Hybrid App
  • NativeScript & Angular 5 & TypeScript
  • Heavy Reactive Architecture
  • Modular Architecture
  • Webpack Build System
  • TSLint Compliant
  • Global Error Handling
  • With App Notifications Plugin


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Do you provide support? Real support?

Yes. Send us a message through our support form and we’ll provide hands on support for all the features included in the item. We’ll even answer your questions during weekends or holidays. So you’re covered. Always. Customization services will be charged at freelance fees and are not included in the support pack as per Envato Terms of Service.

What does the documentation cover? If I get lost? What then?

It covers how to connect the API and build the app for iOS and Android and use the provide features. Step by step! In case you get lost along the way, we will gladly aid you out and explain what needs to be done.

Do I have to learn new code beside the classic HTML, CSS and JS/TS to use this?

Not at all. We use the simplest possible code to the latest standards using the classic syntax’s you all know how to use. You won’t see any complicated mind-blowing class names in our products.

Is this item a iOS/Android Mobile ready built app?


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