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Crypto++ – Crypto Converter | Real Time Price Tracking on Home Screen | Market Cap | Admob Ads (Android)

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Crypto++ is a crypto currencies converter and price tracker app, it allows you to convert from any crypto currency to a fiat currency like USD,GBP e.t.c. It also allows you to convert from one crypto currency to another crypto currency like what is 1 BTC worth in ETH. It supports 1000+ crypto currencies and 100+ fiat currencies.
Crypo++ also has one major feature that is crucial to crypto lovers tracking the real time price of crypto currency on your app’s homescreen, with this feature users are able to track one on more crypto currency in any fiat currency of there choice on there homescreen by placing a widget.

-Crypto to fiat currency conversion<br />

-Crypto to crypto conversion
-Real time price tracking on home screen
-1000+ crypocurrencies supported
-100+ fiat currencies supported
-Crypto Market Cap

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Technical Benefits
-Usage of free api
-Well Written Code.
-Beautiful User interface.

Demo : here

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