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Collect Dots (Games)

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Do you want to launch your own Game quickly and without any programming skills? This is your perfect opportunity!!

Complete Project Included!!

<li>What You will Get ? ###

-Icon Files JPG
-Android Studio Project File
-Screenshots Files
-Android Feature Image
-XCode Project File
-BuildBox Project File
-All Graphical Assets
-All Audio Files

How To Modify The Project

The Files are included which will be enought to guide you through every portion even if you have the Buildbox or not. If you still need any help try to buy reskining and launch services or email us. You will find the guidlines in the source code files.

Extra Information

Thank you For Viewing this game. I


Please note that all files are final and reskining is must require for the game before uploading it to Play Store or App Store. If the game is uploaded as it is then we cannot guarantee if your game gets rejected because of copyright or your account gets suspended we will not be responsible. No refunds. Please feel free to ask any questions before buying and I’ll provide whatever support I can.

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