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Coloring Book (Full Applications)

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A) Introduction

The best app for coloring book therapy is now on your Android phone!

And it is ALL FREE! for all the beautiful illustrations,including mandala,floral and animals, along with many cool colorful palettes! A mind journey which makes you anxiety free and stress relieving!

Colorfit Coloring Book for family is an excellent coloring application, imitating real coloring experience
With rich patterns, including Mandala, drees, foods, animals,2017, ball ,canvas, date ,egg , famous , floral, girl , messages,birds etc.
You can both develop the sense of color and relax yourself
It can be played anytime, anywhere, easily share to social platforms
When you immerse them, time flies, worry also vanished

    <h3 id="item-description__Main_Features"><strong><img src="/images/smileys/cool.png" alt="B)" title="B)" /> Main Features</strong> – t</h3>

        <li>100+ pictures</li>
        <li>different tools for paint.</li>
        <li>two paint modes. </li>
        <li>Come &amp; open your imagination!.</li>
        <li>Make you own coloring images.</li>
        <li>Share with You friedns</li>
        <li>Add frame to image</li>
        <li>Delete All paints</li>
        <li>Clear all imagecache</li>
        <li>Set undo Steps</li>
        <li>Share,Deleted,Save Image</li>
        <li>Add Test To Paint</li>
        <li>Add Frame To Paint</li>
        <li>Repaint Option</li>
                    <li>Admob and interstitial ads</li>


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