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Hidden Objects Enchanted Castle Adventure – Seek & Find Android Studio Game (Games)

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Welcome to the enchanted castle! If you like mystery worlds environment and you’re ready to discover secrets in the house, you’re at the right place!Reveal the darkest secrets of the old mystery mansion! Become a detective, be sure first that this is not a crime scene and then inspect every hidden object room to find a treasure you are looking for.

Play one of the best free mystery hidden object games and find out the mystery of the old house! Enter a secret garden and find the hidden objects scattered everywhere. Discover the house secret with just a click of your finger! Do a complete home makeover in the enchanted castle and enjoy every step of the way! Enchanted Castle Adventure Hidden Object is waiting for you! Catch all castle ghosts and enjoy playing these “hidden objects” all the time!

Our unique hidden objects story offers you a chance to find a hidden object and enjoy wonders of the castle! “Hidden objects castles” is a free mystery game designed with the aim to take you to the mystery worlds where you can “look for hidden objects” with ease and entertainment! If you are the one who loves horror stories and seek and find games free,This is one more reason you should download Enchanted Castle Adventure Hidden Object game

Mystery hidden objects especially for you!

Do you like fantasy, vampires, haunted houses, and zombies? You’re at the right place! Free download “Enchanted Castle Adventure Hidden Object” and start your own hidden objects adventure! Enter our magical castle and “search and find hidden objects” as quickly as you can! Engage your concentration, perception, and quick fingers to “find objects” in the magical castles! This scary atmosphere is fantastic for the best horror games with monsters, zombies and devils.Let the adventure begin!

We offer you “hidden objects games for free” which are equally suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults! If you like mystery estates hidden object games, the story of an enchanted castle will puzzle your mind and enhance your cognitive capacities! Download “hidden objects puzzles” today and start playing your new favorite mystery game!This mystery castle with the iron throne of the lost kingdom really needs a little bit of house cleaning. If you love treasure hunt games and mystery temple games

Hidden Objects Adventure in a royal castle!

Enchanted Castle Adventure Hidden Object is a classic “find the hidden object game” which is both educational and fun! By playing it you can advance your vocabulary and you can also have a lot of fun! “Search and find hidden objects” in a bewitched castle and invite mystery into your world! If you like educational games, puzzles, concentration games, and logic games, you’ve found what you were looking for! “Free hidden objects games” are the best hidden object mystery games!

Take a stroll through this medieval castle, all the messy rooms and spooky halls full of knights armors and many other scary and dangerous things and have an unforgettable experience. Enchanted Castle Hidden Object Adventure Game is not just a classical “find the hidden object game”, it is both educational and fun.Whether it is an enchanted garden, enchanted forest, or an enchanted castle – your gaming experience will surely going to be pleasurable!

Hidden object castle – enter the magic castle and find objects!

“Hidden objects enchanted” are waiting for a true player to pass all the levels with ease and great speed! You’re surely a fan of mystery games, free puzzle games, and hidden games, so here is a special collection of “find the hidden objects free” mystery games! “Hidden object castle” adventure is waiting for a true puzzle solver like you! “Search and find hidden objects” in the best free mystery app Enchanted Castle Adventure Hidden Object! free games especially for all fans of mystery, magic, and enchanted places! Download it now and enjoy playing “hidden object games” all the time!


50 levels

rewarded video
rate and more button
beautiful graphics

Game is developed using cocos2dx but its not required knowledge of cocos platform you have to follow the steps from document for reskin game in android studio.

Monetisation: Admob,Chartboost,Applovin.

Requirements: You need to Android Studio.

Demo APK : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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