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WhatsScan For Whatsapp (Android)

WhatsScan For Whatsapp

Do you want to open 2 whats app account in same device ? It will be easy for you to do now with this amazing application. You can now take care of your child.wife,friend,your man.

Application Feature :

  1.  Open ios/ android/ and windows phone whats app.
  2. read Whats message
  3. reply/send message to other user
  4. change Whats status
  5. change Whats profile picture
  6. download images/videos
  7. Dual Whatsapp account on same / different phone / tablet
  8. Fully secure
  9. Scan the QR Code from Whatsapp Web and load instantly
  10. Open same account on multiple phones /tablets
  11. Automatic resizing – Fully Responsive, feels like native app
  12. admob enable – banner/intersitials ads.
  13. Well documented.
  14. Easy to re design.
  15. How to page is there for instructions.
  16. Share app with friends with one click.
  17. Rate application .

Some Reference Applications :


How to use :

  1. Application will show you one QR code.
    2. Open targeted device’s whats app and then hit setting menu.
    3. Hit whatsapp web Thats it. You are done.


Demo apk :  Demo 

What you will get : 


  1.  Full application Source code.
  2. Screenshots.
  3. .apk file.
  4. .psd file
  5. documentation. 
  6. Support. 




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