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phpSound iOS App (Audio/Video)

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<strong>phpSound iOS App</strong>: This is native iOS app developed in swift for famous script phpsound. Script link:<a href=";license=regular&amp;open_purchase_for_item_id=9016117">phpSound – Music Sharing Platform</a>

<strong>iTunes link</strong><strong>: </strong>;mt=8

  • Fully compatible with phpSound script.
  • Beautiful and Flat UI.
  • 100% Customizable design
  • Show desciption as Lyrics.
  • My Track list
  • Friend’s activity
  • Notifications
  • Notification bar icon
  • Show player screen when touch on footer player
  • Timestamp in message.
  • Added views count.
  • Comments.
  • Added transparency in the player screen
  • Edit my tracks info
  • Download tracks.
  • Separate My Downloads section.
  • Play downloaded tracks within the app player.
  • Social Sharing with screenshot of player screen.
  • In-built chat system
  • Beautiful player with notification bar
  • Upload tracks.
  • Download counter when the track is downloaded.
  • Delete downloaded tracks whithin app in my download section.
  • Other Apps link menu added.
  • Will add Admob for free.
  • Detailed documentation and full support
  • More Updates on the way!
<strong>Support Notes</strong>

Due to the heavy load on the work, support and comments are treated twice a day. Right now we receive many emails and requests for support than we can manage quickly. Many times we can answer the same day but others take much longer.

<strong>Before you send a request for support please read the entries below:</strong>
  • Support from Codecanyon authors is optional but we will do our best to help.
  • Support doesn’t mean customization.
  • Read the full documentation file.
  • Check if your question is not already in the Item Discussion section.
  • We do not give support for third party code in this case you need contact the authors.
  • We do not support errors caused by strong modification to the original files.
  • We do customization but this is not included in the package price. To get a quote for a modification you can send an email using the form in the right sidebar.
  • We can’t teach how to code in Java or any other language.
  • We can’t give refunds, if you want a refund please contact Codecanyon directly.
  • If you have a general question you can use and asking your question in the Item Discussion section.
  • Our time zone is (currently) GMT+5:30, so please keep in mind our timezone might be different from yours.
  • You can read more about item support on the Codecanyon wiki
Thanks for reading.

<strong>Version 1</strong> – Initial release.<br />

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