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Universal App PLATFORM – Full Multi-Purpose All in one React Native Mobile app (Mobile)

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This is all in one Multi-Purpose React Native Expo Mobile app.
It works for iPhone and Android. At the moment there are 3 apps included. So you get like 6 apps in one source code.

Unbelievable but true, you get the amazing Firebase &amp; Firestore admin panel for <strong>FREE</strong>.

App development roadmap

  1. Shop app – Included
  2. Restaurant app – Included
  3. Recipe app – Included
  4. Events app – Next
  5. Church app – to be created
  6. News/Blog app – to be created
  7. Business Directory app – to be created
  8. RealEstate listing app – to be created
  9. Fitness app – to be created
  10. Live TV – to be created
  11. Radio app – to be created
  12. Classified Ads app – to be created
  13. More to be added …..

You get all future app updates for free.
If you do the math, when all apps will be done, each of the apps will cost you only 4$ (both ios & android / 2$ each ) + you get the firebase & firestore admin panel

Learn more and preview the apps

Layout options

Tabs and Side navigation

Change log

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