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Instagram Scrapper (Windows)

What is Instagram Scraper

This application is a one stop solution to get instagram user data. It helps you find who user is following, latest media, percentage of hashtag used, search hashtag for latest post, export all the data into text file.


  • Search user
  • Export follower list
  • Export latest media list
  • Export follower list
  • View media
  • Export list of user liked and commented on a post
  • search hashtag to get trending media
  • Get user details from search result
  • Export search result
  • No login credentials required

Just unzip the file and then double click on Instagram Scrapper inside release folder to run the application

For Web version of application for Macintosh and Linux get in touch with me on : [email protected]

Version 2.6 (15th February 2018)


  • Inline media preview on mouse hover
  • User account profile picture display
  • Various other Bugfix

Version 2.5 (24th January 2018)


  • Download all media into a ZIP file
  • Various other Bugfix

Version 2.3 (09th December 2017)


  • All the exports are now CSV
  • Various other Bugfix

Version 2.1 (30th October 2017)


  • More information like Like and Comment count on hash tag search
  • Show top post of a hashtag
  • Various other Bugfix

Version 1.7 (23th October 2017)


  • Show all the media from user
  • Show full list of follower of a user
  • List all the users commented on a post
  • Various other Bugfix


We will be more than happy to help you and answer your questions.You can directly get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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