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Try To Jaywalk! – Game Template Android With Admob (Android Studio + Eclipse) (Games)

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Teddy has dropped all his money in the street. Teddy needs it all back. Teddy jaywalks into street to get it. Teddy risks his life like an idiot. Don’t be like Teddy.the difficulty increases with each new Level.

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<strong>Game Features</strong>


  • AdMob Banner and Interstitial
  • Eclipse / Android studio
  • Simple touch controls
  • Great crash effects
  • 5 beautiful worlds
  • Free platformer game suitable for all ages
  • Easy and simple gameplay
  • Challenging game design
  • Background music and sounds
  • Easy to reskin
<p><strong>This File Includes</strong>


  • Code source Project (Eclipse & Android Studio)
  • Documentation File
<strong>How to Setup and Reskin</strong>


  • Install latest Android SDK
  • Open Gradle project in Android Studio or Eclipse
  • Change Package ID, App Name, icons, graphics and sounds
  • Set up AdMob ID, Google Play Games App
  • Build an APK file


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<strong>If you want to Build APK , You need ?</strong>

<strong>Download Eclipse</strong>

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