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Super KOK | User control Cock runner game by Unity | 2D platformer with AdMob (Games)

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Product description

Super Kok is a platformer game, mad on Unity3d, and it is target for mobile platform. If you enjoy platform games you shouldn’t miss this.

There is a two level where you can put your experiment, on main game level where player have to dodge and collect eggs and heart for health. Player has to face snake enemy and can kill the snake by throwing palok.Player can collect palok from dofferent location.In the mid of the level, Player have oppurtunity to go bonus level where he can collect ray power.In bonus stage , player have to hide from fox to avoid the detection from fox.After completeing the bonus level player can go to the main level to explore.At last period of the main stage, player have to kill the boss who kidnap his girlfriend by throwing the ray or 3 palok.After the death of the boss player will get the key and he can free his girlfriend. That’s how the story driven…

Easy to pick up and play with simple controls. Journey through beautifuly designed levels, try to find all eggs and powers and defeat dangerous enemy.Explore more and find out the story &amp; having fun with this game…

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Here is the detailed feature list:

  • made with Unity3d game engine
  • HD 1280×720
  • Splash Screen, Pause menu, Game Over, Loading Screen.
  • With touch button and easy controls.
  • cool character
  • Colorful 2D vector graphics.
  • The assets are on the project and free to use.
  • Easy to reskin.
  • You can export this project in multiplatform
  • Admob integreted
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App Demo
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App Video


Technical Documentation

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