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Sky Passage – Buildbox Template (Games)

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Precisely time your next tile placement in this beautiful minimalist isometric game.

Build awesome minimalist style games with amazing gameplay using this stellar Buildbox template. Works perfectly on 2.3.6

Key features:

A level system based on overlapping lock buttons.

Add Slow-motion: modifies the timewarp for 5 seconds. Costs coins.
Skip a level. Costs coins
Daily Reward: The user receives coins every day (if claimed)
Rewarded video system: The user can watch a 30-second video ad to receive coins
Minimalist animations and particles.
Beautiful, animated User Interface, designed to be as intuitive as possible.
& much more.

Simple Controls – Hyper-Casual Style.

Ways to improve this template:

Add more levels (currently just 2)

Add more in-app purchases
Make it unique.

The package includes:

.bbdoc (Buildbox file)

Artwork (Png and vector)

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