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MetroMail – Responsive Email Template with Stampready Builder (Catalogs)

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MetroMail – Responsive Multipurpose Email template with Stampready builder. Fully Responsive and Major email client Supported.You can easily make changes through MailChimp, campaign monitor or Drag & Drop in StampReady. Without any coding knowledge. Very Good Performance For Business, Portfolio ,Multipurpose and Any Purpose.

    <h3 id="item-description__feature">Feature :</h3>
                <li>Drag &amp; Drop in StampReady.</li>
                <li>Campaign monitor.</li>                    
                <li>Fully Mobile Responsive.</li>
                <li>Table base Design.</li>
                <li>Easy to edit.</li>
                <li>Unlimited Colors.</li>
                <li>Unlimited modules.</li>
                <li>Inline css.</li>
                <li>Litmus tested.</li>

    <h3 id="item-description__compatibility">Compatibility</h3>
                <li>AOL Mail.</li>
                <li>Apple Mail.</li>
                <li>Yahoo Mail.</li>                    
                <li>Lotus Notes 8.</li>
                <li>Lotus Notes 8.5.</li>
                <li>Mozilla Thunderbird.</li>
                <li>Opera Mail.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2000.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2002.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2003.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2007.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2010</li>
                <li>Outlook 2011.</li>
                <li>Outlook 2013.</li>


            <h3 id="item-description__image">Image :</h3>
                <li><a href="" rel="nofollow">photodune</a></li>
                <li><a href="" rel="nofollow">unsplash</a></li>

    <h3 id="item-description__file-include">File Include :</h3>
                    <li>StampReady compatible file.</li>
                    <li>Campaign monitor compatible file.</li>
                    <li>MailChimp compatible file.</li>
                    <li>Regular HTML file.</li>
                    <li>Documentation HTML page.</li>
                    <li>PSD File.</li>


    <h3 id="item-description__notes">Notes</h3>
                <li>Outlook does’t support the background images.</li>
                <li>Images not included in download file.</li>


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