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TEMPMAIL – Responsive Email Template (230+ Modules) + Online Stampready Builder (Newsletters)

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TEMPMAIL Responsive e-mail template designed for multipurpose. TEMPMAIL are modern responsive email template, have 250+ modules. With TEMPMAIL you can growth your subscriber, and your bussines.

TEMPMAIL are complete and UNIQUE email template for your bussines, TEMPMAIL can be aplied on the Ecom, Portofolio, Design, Shoping, Event and many other’s. <br />

You can build it without coding knowledge by drag drop builder stampready builder. With stampready you can change color, text, picture, costomize layout etc, so you can build with unlimited layout posibility.

    <h3 id="item-description__FEATURES"><strong>A). FEATURES</strong> </h3>
      <li>Responsive Email Template</li>
      <li>Drag &amp; Drop in StampReady</li>
      <li>Unlimited Colors</li>
      <li> StampReady, Campaign Monitor &amp; MailChimp compatible</li>
    <h4 id="item-description__file-included"><strong>FILE INCLUDED</strong></h4>
      <li>StampReady compatible file</li>
        <li>Campaignmonitor compatible file</li>
        <li>MailChimp compatible file</li>
        <li>HTML Responsive email file</li>
        <li>Documentation HTML page</li>

      <li>AOL Mail</li>
      <li>Apple Mail</li>
      <li>Lotus Notes 8</li>
      <li>Lotus Notes 8.5</li>
      <li>Mozilla Thunderbird</li>
      <li>Opera Mail</li>
      <li>Outlook 2000</li>
      <li>Outlook 2002</li>
      <li>Outlook 2003</li>
      <li>Outlook 2007</li>
      <li>Outlook 2010</li>
      <li>Outlook 2011</li>
      <li>Outlook 2013</li>
      <li>Yahoo Mail</li>
      <li>And mostly all clients that render valid HTML</li>


    Outlook doesn’t support radius button<br />
      Please use the contact form available on our profile page.<br />

    <h4 id="item-description__" /><strong>CREDITS</strong> :
    all images from pixabay and for demo only<br />
      Icon sets from  <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />

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