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Alian Responsive Email Template + Stampready Builder + Mailchimp + Mailster (Email Templates)

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    <li>Stampready online Builder</li>
    <li>Export to desktop</li>
    <li>Change background images</li>
    <li>Duplicate or hide modules</li>
    <li>Inline Css and optimized code</li>
    <li>Fully Layered PSD included</li>
    <li>MailChimp compatible</li>
    <li>Campaign monitor compatible</li>
    <li>Mailster compatible (Mymail)</li>
    <li>HTML without tags version</li>
    <li>Compatible with all ESPs using html version </li>
    <li>Documentation included</li>

Files Included

    <li>Stampready compatible file</li>
    <li>Mailchimp compatibe file</li>
    <li>Campaign monitor compatibe file</li>
    <li>Mailster compatibe file</li>
    <li>HTML version file</li>
    <li>PSD Layered File</li>
    <li>Full Documentation with video instructions</li>

Esp Compatibility

    <li>Campaign monitor</li>
    <li>Mailster (Mymail)</li>
    <li>Tested with Litmus and Email on acid</li>


    <li>AOL Mail</li>
    <li>Apple Mail</li>
    <li>Lotus Notus 8</li>
    <li>Lotus Notus 8.5</li>
    <li>Mozilla Thunderbird</li>
    <li>Opera Mail</li>
    <li>Outlook 2002</li>
    <li>Outlook 2003</li>
    <li>Outlook 2007</li>
    <li>Outlook 2010</li>
    <li>Outlook 2011</li>
    <li>Outlook 2013</li>
    <li>Yahoo Mail</li>
    <li>Window Phone</li>

Font compatibility

Email Clients that support custom web fonts: iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Android (default client), Thunderbird. Other clients will show a standard fallback webfont.

Background Support

Outlook doesn’t support the background it will be replaced by a solid color background.


if you need support , please send your request to support(@)

We usually get back within 12 hours … Please if you need any help, let us know.


    <li>Outlook does not support the background images.</li>
    <li>Outlook does not render Google fonts.</li>
    <li>The pictures used on Demo are not included.</li>


    ==> version 1.0 - 02/10/2018
    - Initial Release 1.0.0


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